LiveJournal CSS HTML Injection Vulnerability

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                   Scovetta Labs Security Advisory

 Title:         LiveJournal CSS HTML Injection Vulnerability
 Status:        Public
 Release Date:  2004-02-23

 Package:       LiveJournal
 Vendor:        LiveJournal -
 Priority:      Medium
 Vulnerability: Cross-Site Scripting

Affected Versions:



 LiveJournal is reportedly prone to HTML injection via Cascading Style 
 Sheet (CSS) tags. It is possible to inject hostile HTML and script 
 code into journal entries through this vulnerability.

 This could potentially be exploited to steal cookies from other site 
 users. Other attacks are also possible. 


  .test1 { color:e\xpression(alert(document.cookie)); }

 <a class="test1">foo</a> 

Vendor Response:



 Michael Scovetta of Scovetta Labs discovered this vulnerability.



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