Knowledge Base: Bonnet

Bonnet may refer to:

  • Bonnet (headgear)
  • Feather bonnet, worn by Scottish regiments
  • Glengarry, type of cap also called a Glengarry bonnet
  • Tam o'shanter (hat), distinctive Scottish bonnet
  • War bonnet, feathered headgear worn as military decoration by Plains Indians
  • Tudor bonnet, worn during Tudor times but has now become an academic doctoral cap at universities in the UK
  • Charles Bonnet (1720-1793), Swiss naturalist
  • Georges Bonnet (1889-1973), French politician
  • Graham Bonnet (born 1947), British singer
  • Joseph Bonnet (1884-1944), French organist and composer
  • Pierre Ossian Bonnet (1819-1892), French mathematician
  • Stede Bonnet (c.1688-1718), pirate
  • Bonnet, Meuse, commune in France
  • Bonnet Island, Tasmania, Australia
  • Automobiles René Bonnet, defunct French automobile manufacturer
  • Bonnet, engineering term for part of a valve
  • Bonnet, plumbing term for part of an irrigation sprinkler
  • Car bonnet, hinged engine cover of a motor vehicle
  • Scotch bonnet, a variety of chilli pepper
  • Bonnet Macaque an Indian Monkey

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