Small Business Evaluation

According to an article in Business Week, "Stamford (Conn.)-based research firm Gartner estimates that about 25% of all small businesses suffered a hacker attack in 2008, up from about 10% in 2003."

The Small Business Evaluation starts with a brief consultation, where we discuss the purpose and complexity of your website, the data it contains, and the security features currently in place. This can be through a phone call or a simple e-mail exchange. We will also discuss the specific services offered, with details tailored to your specific needs.

Schedule a Consultation

After the consultation, you will receive a proposal for the services discussed, along with details on the assessment methodology used, an assessment timeline, and a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

If and when you decide to use engage our services, the assessment will be scheduled at the next available slot. This is not considered part of the "Small Business Evaluation", and would incur the fee detailed in the agreed-upon proposal.


There is no cost for a small business evaluation, but there is for the actual assessment.

Assessment costs generally range from $299 to $1599, depending on the size and complexity of the website.

For More Information

To learn more or to request a quote, please use the comment form or e-mail me directly. is a personal website. Opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer or any groups I am affiliated with.
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