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[DIR]genienec Directory Of Genie Files
[ZIP]22dsk138.zip193,211Disk Utility To Read Cp/m Disks On Ibm Computers
[ZIP]anad205.zip132,049Anadisk Is A Disk Edit/copy/analyzer That Can Check Out Cp/m Disks On An Ibm Machine.
[ZIP]cpmread1.zip27,415Read Cp/m Format Disks On An Ibm Computer
[???]genienec.dir8,960Directory Of Files In The Laptops Cp/m Area On Genie
[???]lharc113.exe37,888Self Extracting Utility To Uncompress .lzh Archives On Ibm Machine.
[ZIP]lswp106.zip18,527Ibm Utility To Read/extract Cp/m Library Files (.lib)
[ZIP]nswp1020.zip36,586Ibm Version Of Nswp File Manager That Will Squeeze And Unsqueeze Files.
[???]pixrle.ark8,192Rle Graphics Viewer For Nec Cp/m Starlet/ 8500
[ZIP]pkpak.zip28,255Utility To Handle Pak'ed Files
[???]pkxarc35.exe72,832Self Extracting Utility That Will Arc/unarc Files That Are Compatable With Cp/m Ark Files.
[???]pkz110.exe149,248Self Extracting Utility That Will Zip/unzip Files That Can Be Handled With Cp/m Unzip Programs. This Is The Last Version Of Zip That Cp/m Machines Can Read At Present Time.
[???]stardisk.lbr27,264Use Mod 100 Pdd2 With Nec Starlet/8500
[TXT]starlet1.txt93,371Questions And Answers Regarding Using Genie With The Nec Starlet, Epson Geneva, And Any Other Cp/m Laptop.
[ZIP]tdisk.zip8,077Use Mod 100 Radio Shack Pdd1/2 With Nec Starlet/8500
[???]unarj.exe20,140Will Uncompress .arj Type Files.
[ZIP]uncr233.zip20,670Will Handle Crunched Files ( .?z? ) On Ibm Machine.
[ZIP]uuexe515.zip32,526Will Uuencode/ Uudecode Files On Ibm Machine.
[ZIP]zbas.zip16,873A Pd Version Of Basic For Cp/m Machines. is a personal website. Opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer or any groups I am affiliated with.
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