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[DIR]amstrad Directory Containing Amstrad Cpc/pcw And Spectrum +3 Files.
[???]cp2ux2cp.arc2,432Fast Textfile Conversion Cp/m <--> Unix Formats. Files Can Be Viewed During Conversion.
[TXT]cpmfaq.txt31,161The Comp.os.cpm Frequently Asked Questions List. 2 June 94
[ZIP]cpmfaq.zip14,032This File Compressed With Pkzip 1.1
[ZIP]cpmunarj.zip18,205Paul Hunt's Cp/m Un-arj Program.
[ZIP]crr0160.zip58,008Latest Version Of Crr, The Cp/m Offline Message Reader
[ZIP]crrdocps.zip14,530The Documentation For Crr In Postscript Form, Intended For Printing On A4 Paper. Produces An A5 Folded Booklet.
[???]crrpatch.com8,704Self-extracting Archive Patch For Crr 1.60's Time Routines
[???]echo.arc4,564Implements Echo On & Echo Off For Cp/m+ Submit Files.
[???]foodo-v1.lbr114,432Foodo, The Fidonet Compatable, Cp/m Mailer And File Requestor System. Needs Zcpr 3.3 And Bye.
[???]mailutil.lbr25,984Dave Goodenough's Mail Utilities. (uudec Comes From This.)
[???]pmautoae.com30,976The Best Archive Program Around For Cp/m. Handles Lzh And Lha Arvhives, But Can't Make Them.
[???]rogue17.pma22,400David Goodenough's Port Of Rogue, The Program That Grew Up To Become Hack And Nethack. Needs Qterm Screen Overlay, Details Included. You Need To Unpack This.
[???]unarc16.com38,656Un-arc Program. Self-extracting Archive.
[???]unzip.com3,328Cp/m Unzip
[???]uudec.hex8,999A Uudecode Program In Intel Hex Format. Includes Instructions For Decoding.
[???]wand2-2.lbr20,224An Update, And More Screens For Wanderer.
[???]wanderer.lbr39,424A Game Of Skill. Needs A Qterm Screen Overlay.
[???]wtxt101.arc2,048Compile Text Files To Com Files. Version 1.01; Reads The Page Length From Cp/m Plus Rather Than Assuming 24 Lines.
[???]zccp0293.arc20,096A Zcpr-like Ccp For A Cp/m Plus System Using Zpm3. Freeware.
[???]zcpr-d-j.com32,896A Vastly Improved And Enhanced Zcpr1 For Cp/m 2.2. Self-extracting Archive. Demo Included. You Will Need An Assembler (eg. M80) To Build It. (5 Mar 94 Version, Updated 1 Apr 94)
[???]zipdir12.arc20,736Lists Contents Of Zip File. Version 1.2 Recognises 'reduced' And 'tokenised' Compression Methods.
[???]zmsource.arc210,304The Most Complete Source Code To Zmp 1.5 And Rzmp 1.6
[ZIP]zmxfer.zip11,299Zmp File Transfer Overlay. Crc-32 Code Optimized By Jonathan Taylor.
[???]zpm3n10.arc51,840A Cp/m Plus Compatible Bdos Replacement For Z80 Computers. Faster And Fixes A Bug In The Original Bdos. Freeware. is a personal website. Opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer or any groups I am affiliated with.
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