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[DIR]alt.drugs Postings To The Alt.drugs Usenet Newsgroup.
[DIR]maryjane Textfiles About Marijuana And The Poltics Therein
[???]12reason.leg22,860Twelve Reasons To Legalize Drugs From The Pragmatist (august, 1988)
[TXT]2015.txt6,929The Enemy Is Us By Donald W. Hipkiss (political Commentary On The War On Drugs)
[TXT]2cb.txt40,584An Overview Of 2cb (4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine)
[TXT]5_deaths.txt20,271A Report Of Five Deaths Associated With The Use Of Mdea And Mdma By Graeme P. Dowling, Md; Edward T. Mcdonough Iii, Md; Robert O. Bost, Phd (march 27, 1987)
[???]aa.jok1,613The Alcoholics' Anthem, From Christchurch [n.z.] University Revue
[???]absinthe.experiences4,687An Experience With Absinthe By Aseem (november 27, 1995)
[TXT]acid_dre.txt80,474Lsd, The Cia, And Your Brain By Zodiac
[???]acidinf.fun8,832Lysergic Acid Diethylamide By Billy The Kid Of Bayonet
[TXT]acidinf.txt9,135Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, By Billy The Kid Of Bayonet
[TXT]acidinfo.txt43,854Information On Lsd, By David Honig (june 2, 1991)
[???]acidtrip.hum3,095Someone Writes During An Acid Trip
[???]addresse17,550A Collection Of Drug And Anarchist Mailing Addresses
[???]aging-and-alcohol13,446Aging And Alcohol Abuse (october 22, 1992)
[???]alcohol.drg6,803Part I Of The Getting Homemade Highs File
[???]alcohol.fun3,226Alcohol Manufacture By The Shadow Lord Of Metal Communications
[???]alcohol.mak13,223The Guys Six Feet Under Present Part I Of The Getting Homemade Highs File: Alcohol
[TXT]alcohol.txt13,222The Guys Six Feet Under Present The Guide To Getting High: Alcohol
[???]ald52.drg2,425Extraction Of Information On Ald-52
[TXT]ald52.txt0An Extract Of Information About Ald-52 (1984)
[???]alert.fda4,287An Fda Warning About Illicit Health Drugs Being Imported (january 30, 1992)
[TXT]alien.txt19,908The Spacetime Continuum By Terrence Mckenna (alien Dreamtime) (february 26, 1993)
[???]amac-pku12,364Information On Phenylketonuria (pku) From The Pediatric Information Resource Center
[???]amanita.rpts12,772Anectodes Regarding Muscaria From The 1970's
[TXT]amino.txt6,213Amino Acids And Their Effects Version 1.1 By Bj Krawchuk
[???]amph.fun3,717Amphetamenes, From The Anarchist Cookbook, Typed In By Zandar Zan
[TXT]amph.txt4,764Amphetamines: From William Powell By Zandar Zan Of The Neon Knights
[???]amphetam5,464Information On Amphetamenes
[???]amphies.fun3,357Amphetamines, From The Poor Man's James Bond
[TXT]amylnitr.txt2,548The Highs And Lows Of Amyl Nitrate/butyl Nitrate From Dr. Benway
[TXT]anar38.txt3,697Knock Out Drops: Creating
[TXT]anar67.txt3,012Mind Control By The Rocker, July 6, 1986
[TXT]angel.txt4,853Information On Making Pcp (angel Dust)
[???]aniherb.hrb5,887Herbs For Animals, By Helen Massingham Howells (june, 1988)
[TXT]aoa-crac.txt1,143Making Crack! By Eye No Phonez (1987)
[???]aphrodis.hrb8,557Overview Of Different Aphrodisiacs
[???]armylsd.drg2,181Smattering Of Lsd Facts
[TXT]art257.txt6,223Od: A Story Of Teenage Drug Addiction, By David R. Wilkerson
[TXT]art275.txt4,176Cracking The Crack Habit With God
[TXT]artaud.txt36,895The Artaud Teaser By Splicer (excerpts From The Works Of Antonin Artaud)
[TXT]b_caapi.txt7,835Some Information On The Plant "yage" As A Drug
[TXT]bad_1.txt5,505Deregulating Drug Use: An Anarchist Perspective
[???]barbs.fun5,059Barbituates, From The Anarchist Cookbook
[TXT]bbros-09.txt21,283The Buzz Brothers Present The Supreme Bunch Of Injustices By Peyote
[TXT]bbros-10.txt12,467The Buzz Brothers Present The Supreme Bunch Of Injustices Vs. Peyote Part 2
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