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[TXT]3.txt48,032Speeches And Other Public Statements By Political Leaders Of The Third Reich (holocaust Revisionism)
[TXT]666_ibm.txt21,457Ibm Provides The Mark Of The Beast!
[TXT]9dims.txt8,487The Proven Existence Of 9 Dimensional Planes
[TXT]a-z-cons.txt29,336The A-zs Of Conspiracy, From The Guardian (february 12, 1995)
[TXT]africa.txt19,584Who Murdered Africa: Conspiracy Theories About The Aids Virus
[???]afu.boo8,437Suggest Books And Periodicals Dedicated To Urban Legends
[???]afu.faq81,601Official Usenet Alt.folklore.urban Frequently Posted Legends (29.march.1993)
[???]afu_flam.for3,472Alt.folklore.urban Reply Form
[???]afu_surv.gui8,923The Alt.folklore.urban Survival Guide (a Guide To Posting)
[???]aids43,269Aids: Epidemic Or Weapon Of War? By Mr. Dave Emory (november 1991)
[TXT]aids-2.txt50,217Shocking Revelations On Aids Research By Our North American Correspondent, From New Dawn Magazine (1992)
[TXT]aids-war.txt35,547Aids As A Weapon Of War By Dr. William Campbell Douglas, Md (august 16, 1990)
[TXT]aids.txt56,971Aids: A U.s. Made Monster? From J. Segal And L. Segal (1990)
[???],488Aids: A U.s. Made Monster?
[TXT]aids02.txt8,695Aids: Spread Facts, Not Fear, From The American Red Cross
[TXT]aidsconsp.txt16,048Aids: A U.s. Made Monster? From J. Segal And L. Segal (1990)
[TXT]air-rail.txt17,331The Secret History Of The Atmospheric Railway And The Pneumatic Tube
[???]aladdin_.off3,814The Urban Legend About Aladdin
[???]alligato.sew3,371Are There Really Alligators In Sewers?
[TXT]alt3.txt32,260Alternative 3, By Leslie Watkins, David Ambrose And Christopher Miles (conspiracy Parody, 1978)
[???]alt_folk.faq18,380Official Usenet Frequently Posted Legends (31 March 1993)
[???]althist.lst86,084The Alternate History List By Robert Schmunk Version 3 (july 16, 1991)
[TXT]anti-jew.txt18,339Extremely Involved Jewish Conspiracy File
[???]antich.mail19,201Collecting Mail For The Coming Antichrist By D. Kabatoff (alt.jokes.pentium)
[TXT]aosc_fbi.txt32,267System Profile: The Federal Bureau Of Investigation, By The All Ohio Scanner Club
[TXT]art-04.txt14,810Do Assassinations Alter The Course Of History? By Simon Freeman And Ronald Payne
[TXT]art-05.txt21,432Conspiracy Theories: Doubts Refuse To Die By Bob Dudney (november 20, 1991)
[TXT]art-06.txt29,646The Day John Kennedy Died By Bryan Woolley (1991)
[TXT]art-07.txt10,739A Rememberance Of Kennedy, By Jim Henderson (1991)
[???]assassin.the34,437The Kennedy Watergate Iran-contra Nazis Conspiracy (november 22, 1988)
[???]autoscam.hum14,812The Big Automobile Scam Of America
[???]badges.asc17,110Could Star Trek Badges Be For Real? (april 20, 1992)
[TXT]bankcris.txt10,528The Next Banking Crisis: The Issue Whose Name They Dare Not Speak By Doug Henwood (july 20, 1992)
[TXT]bcci-1.txt78,716Bcci: The Big Picture: A System Out Of Control, Not Just One Bank By George Winslow (october 23, 1991)
[TXT]bendini.txt28,152The Kromery Converter/free Electricity From Axon Industries (july 4, 1986)
[TXT]bermutri.txt2,847The Bermuda Triangle And Parapsychology By Dave Beall
[???]bigbroth.hum25,512The National Guards, By Donald Goldberg
[TXT]bkgroun1.txt18,940Foresight Background Issue #4 By Arthur Kantrowitz (1989)
[TXT]bnlgate.txt10,607The Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro / Iraqgate Scandal
[TXT]bohemian.txt3,200The True Story Of The Bohemian Club
[TXT]bookfile.txt32,053The Book File: The Super Radical File That Uses Real Sources To Document The Cia/buxh/mom/illuminati/oil Company Links To Rape And Steal From We The People (january 10, 1991)
[TXT]bor-stat.txt32,622The Bill Of Rights, A Status Report By Eric Postpischil (september 3, 1990)
[TXT]brainwsh.txt38,360Brainwashing By Lorenzo Saint Dubois
[???]bugged.msg21,013Electronic Surveillance: Are You Bugged? By Michael E. Enlow
[???]burning.ppl4,647Spontaneous Human Combustion: No Longer A Burning Issue By Al Sechel
[TXT]bushbio.txt196,851George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography Bi Webster Griffin Tarpley And Anton Chaitkin
[TXT]bushbomb.txt5,898Bush Linked To Terror Bombing: Will The Un Ask For Extradition? (june 22, 1992)
[TXT]cabala.txt29,916The Ancient Secret Meaning Of Some Of The Extended Ascii Characters, And Beyond By Henry J. Franzoni Iii (february 17, 1988)
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