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[DIR]astresearch Technical Bulletins From Ast Research
[DIR]cyberspace Files Concering The Idea Of "cyberspace"
[DIR]documentation Documentation Files And Instruction Sets
[DIR]harddrives Hard Drive Technical Information
[DIR]pressrelease Press Releases By Companies Long Forgotten
[???]1003v-mm4,347Information On The Western Digital 1000v-mmx Series
[???]1006v-sr4,347Information On The Western Digital Wd1006v-sr1 And 2
[???]1080mods3,610Amiga 1080 Monitor Modifications
[TXT]1105.txt2,468How To Boot With Dr Dos (october 31, 1991)
[TXT]144_ctrl.txt6,819Zaphod Beeblebrox' Notes On Using Pc 1.44mb 3.5" Drives With Atari Sts And Stes
[TXT]144disk.txt6,178Edited Textfile About 3.5" Diskette Formats, From Kevin Maier Of Ibm Corporation (may 10, 1989)
[TXT]144meg.txt13,288How To Upgrade Your Atari St Floppies To 1.44mb 3.5" Drives, By Robert B. Pegram
[???]1541.tri12,170Two Rarely Used 1541 Disk Drive Functions, By Peter Weighill (september 1993)
[???]154xb8,693Jumpers: Adaptec Aha-1540b
[???]16550a_n5,842Information On The 16550a Uart
[???]1991-1242,275What Is Isdn Good For? By Mitch Kapor Of The Eff (december 10, 1991)
[???]1pt4mb.inf5,035Notes On The Use Of 1.4mb Drives In At Compatibles
[???]2310-124,347Jumpers: Adaptec Acb-2310,12
[TXT]24to96x.txt7,424Complaint About A File Purporting To Convert A 2400bd Modem To 9600 Baud; Claims It's A Hoax
[TXT]25mgupgd.txt13,929A 2.5 Meg Socketed Ram Upgrade For The 1040st By Barry Orlando (decmber 28, 1988)
[???]286-22,828Part 2 Of The Review Of The Compaq Deskpro 286 By Bob Mcduffee
[TXT]28_8khst.txt9,335Us Robotics Announces The Last Modem You'll Ever Buy (press Release, June 8, 1992)
[TXT]2ndrs232.txt7,725How To Get A Second Rs232 Port For Your Atari (july 15, 1987)
[TXT]2w93358a.txt4,445Guide To Pgp Operations In A Secure Environment
[TXT]386486.txt5,589A Low Cost Performance Boost For Your 386 Pc
[TXT]400top.txt12,870The Satisfaxtion Modem/400: Solutions To Common Problems
[TXT]401bugs.txt7,387Two Suspected Bugs In Ms-dos V4.01 By William S. Ataras Iii (june 5, 1991)
[TXT]450baud.txt7,296On The Topic Of 450 Baud, By Scott Loftesness, May 28, 1983
[TXT]486vs040.txt15,981Cisc: The Intel 80486 Vs. The Motorola Mc68040 From Advanced Microprocessors By Daniel Tabak (scribed By Mike, July 1992)
[???]4chan8bi.asc8,688Plans For A 4-channel 8-bit Analog-to-digital Converter For Pc From Francis J. Deck
[TXT]4dostips.txt3,2974dos Specific Information And Tips
[TXT]500hacks.txt46,075A Do It Yourself Guide To Computer Repair And Modification Of The Pc And Amiga 500 From Lewin Edwards
[TXT]500mm.txt6,983Disk Storage Reaches Molecular Level, From Video Computing November/december 1988 Issue
[TXT]68040.txt12,653The New Cisc Micorporcessor Offers Risc Performance
[???]86bugs.lst13,776Harald Feldmann's 86bugs List (november 3, 1994)
[???]87.set15,313Information About The 8087 And 287 Coprocessors
[TXT]8bitcomp.txt24,445The Designing And Building Of An 8-bit Computer: A Personal Story, By Mark Balch (1990)
[???]8chan12b.asc6,047Chap 12-bit Adc For Ibm Pc By Francis J. Deck
[TXT]8meg_exp.txt8,158An Amiga 8meg Ram Expander, By John Kamchen (1991)
[???]9600.inf19,072The Long, Painful Road To A 9600 Baud Standard
[TXT]9600data.txt30,848A Comparison Of High Speed Modems Compatibility/features/differences/prices (march 3, 1991)
[???]9600info.inf19,1199600 Baud Modems: An Overview
[???]a40006,725A Scared Amiga Beta Tester Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag About The Amiga 4000
[TXT]a5000.txt11,864The First Reports Of The Amiga 5000
[???]a500_1mb8,312Directions On How To Convert Your Amiga 501 Cartridge To Chip Ram
[TXT]aboutems.txt27,370Memory Expansion In80x86-based Computers Under Ms-dos By John Wilson Of Hyperdyne
[???]abrash.lst20,429Roll Your Own Minilanguages With Mini-interpreters, By Michael Abrash And Dan Illowsky (1989)
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