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[DIR]ads Small Ads For Various Bbses
[DIR]bbslists Lists Of Telephone Numbers Of Bbses Long Past
[DIR]cbbs Cbbs: The Last Days Of The First Bbs
[DIR]destruction Files On Or How To Crash And Destroy Bbses
[DIR]fidonet Files, News And Information From The Fidonet Experience
[DIR]filelists Lists Of Files Available On Bbses Long Past
[DIR]icenews Issues Of The Icenet Newsletter
[DIR]keelynet The File Collection From The Incredible Keelynet Bbs
[DIR]mindvox The Mindvox Collection: Menus, Files And Forums Of Mindvox Bbs, First Edition
[DIR]pasco Pasco Bbs Magazine (1993-1997)
[DIR]printouts The Jason Scott / Bbs Printout Collection
[DIR]tmok Files From The 401 Bbs "the Ministry Of Knowledge"
[DIR]ua Messages, Logos And Captures From The Unauthorised Bbs (1990-1995)
[DIR]wwivnews Issues Of The Wwivnews Newsletter
[TXT]!sathack.txt4,552An Introduction To The Sathack Bbs
[TXT]12budord.txt1,152The Twelve Commandments Of Bbs Users
[TXT]144bbs.txt27,770144bbs List, Compiled By The Downtown Bbs (list Of Bbses Running 14.4k Modems)
[TXT]144intro.txt7,370Introduction To The 14.4k Modem Bbs List
[???]1598.ufo43,110The Mufon Member's Guide To Bbsing (how To Act On A Ufo Format Bbs)
[???]2020bbs.msg1,002Message From Roy Lipscomb Offering To Sell Mp/m System On The 20/20 Bbs (may 23, 1991)
[TXT]21.txt1,475Application To Join A Set Of Adult Conferences On A Bbs
[TXT]514cu.txt18,680The Complete Story Of How To Become Elite In 514 By Mechanix
[TXT]612bust.txt18,512The Ibm Bust Of 612 By Professor Falken, Ex-sysop Of The Alliance (january 29, 1988)
[TXT]800_4bbs.txt4,016How To Get An 800 Number So All The Phreaks Can Call The Best Bbses In The World And At&t Pays For It
[TXT]800bbs.txt16,937America's Validated Toll-free Bbs List By Kevin Brook (december 31, 1994)
[TXT]9600data.txt34,072A Comparison Of High Speed Modems Compatibility/features/differences/prices (march 3, 1991)
[???]9x.nfo2,463Introduction To The 9x Group (guidelines)
[TXT]a-dial.txt4,833Soft Docs: A-dial Version 2.0, By Gerard Lane
[TXT]abbbs.txt3,491All The Secrets Of Another Bloody Bbs
[TXT]abuse.bbs12,992Jim Anderson Gives Up On The Most Significant Byte Bbs (january 13, 1985)
[TXT]abuse.txt13,975The Jim Anderson Bbs Rant, With Additional Comments
[TXT]abusebbs.txt9,741The Best Ways To Abuse A Bbs By The Joker
[???]access.app4,526Application For Access To The Altered States Bbs
[???]ad1,327Bbs Ad: Country Micro Rbbs
[TXT]ad-art.txt12,800Rusty And Edie's Bbs: From The Beginning To The Beginning
[TXT]advntge.txt2,024The Ven-tel Modem Advantage
[???],608The Blue Adept Presents: Ascii Express Ii: The Pro (1993)
[TXT]an13.txt4,365Bbs Crashing Techniques By Mr. Memorix (january 27, 1987)
[???]aop.faq7,436Association Of Online Professionals Frequently Asked Questions (faq)
[TXT]aop.txt15,903Association Of Online Professionals Information And Membership Application
[???]arghack.new10,036Another Chat With The Argus Bbs Hackers (boston Bbs) By Criminal Minded
[???]argusdrk.fun8,268Argus Hackers: Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel By Kingpin (april 2, 1992)
[TXT]arrest.txt4,024Getting Busted: An Experience And A Warning
[TXT]arubin.txt7,530Andy Rubin Says Goodbye To The Spies In The Wire
[TXT]aspbbs.txt195,106List Of Asp Bbses (1994)
[TXT]at_set.txt9,693A Rundown Of The Hayes At Command Set
[TXT]author.txt11,750Some Words From The Scan Man Of P-80 Bbs About His Hacker Chronicles Cd-rom
[TXT]babbs001.txt8,498Babbs Boy Presents: Anti-fed Bbs Security
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