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[TXT]914bbs.txt3,968<b>914 Area Code Bbs List, By Dan Gelman (january 15, 1984)</b><br><i>a Snapshot Of The Typical Bbses You Might Find In An Area Code, In This Case, Mine. A Good Portion Of The "general" Boards You See Listed Were In Fact Phreak Or Pirate Boards. Keeping An Active Account On All Your Local Systems Could Be Quite Time-consuming.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]actung.hum332<b>relaxen Und Watch Das Blinkenlights...</b><br><i>this Sort Of Small, Quaint Humor File Could Be Found Lurking Across Many Different Kinds Of Bbses And Mainframes. Origin: Unknown, Although It Very Likely Could Date Back To The 60's Or 70's.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]ad.txt1,664<b>call The Upside Down Bbs!</b><br><i>a Typical "tag File" For A Bulletin Board System, In This Case A Classic Apple Ii With 64k Of Memory. To Entice You Over, The Bbs Offers You Everything Up To And Including The Two Floppy Disks Located In The Floppy Drives. Besides Being An Interesting Approach For A Bbs Ad, This Short File Also Shows The Variety Of Devices You Could Hook To An Apple Ii, Including Devices You Could Hook To Other Devices.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]adventur.txt7,758<b>adventure: Solving It In Easy Steps, By The Rom Raider And Doctor Digital</b><br><i>don't Read This File If You Haven't Played Crowther And Wood's Original Classic "adventure"! This File Is A Solid Example Of A "walk-through", Where The Goal Was To Present An Easy, No-thinking Solution To The Classic Thinking Person's Game: Text Adventures. While These Games Could Present Hours (or Days Or Weeks) Of Fun Trying To Solve The Puzzles And Pitfalls, Many People Were Content To Just Be Given The Answer And Go Through The Game Blindly, Watching As Every Step They Made Was The Exact Right One. To A Smaller Degree, There Was A Constant One-upsmanship With Walkthroughs, Where Whoever Could Come Out With The "solve" For A Game The Soonest After It Was Released (or Even Before) Was The King Of The Hill.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]angela.art6,656<b>ascii Art Of "angela"</b><br><i>a Solid, Classic Example Of An Ascii Nude, Brimming With Joy And Text-based Sexiness. Some Of These Were Hand-drawn, While Others Used Primitive Digitizers And Software That Translated Graphics To Text To Give Surprisingly Realistic Photos When Seen From A Distance. Naturally, These Files Were A Hot Trade Online.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]anonymit34,657<b>the Joy Of Handles, By Mahatma Kane Jeeves And David Lescohier</b><br><i>this Series Of Articles Attacks The Issue Of Anonymity And Handles From A Completely Different Set Of Perspectives; That Is, The Protection Of The Writer From General Harassment And Investigation, And Not Necessarily That Of Promoting Unwelcome Or Illegal Ideas. An Informative Read.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]applemaf.hum21,388<b>the Apple Mafia Story, As Told To Red Ghost, 1986</b><br><i>this Interesting Insight Into The Comings And Goings Of The Apple Piracy World Of The Early-mid 80's Shows The Battle Between The Older Class Of Pirates And The New Breed Of "r0dentz" That Has Been Waged For The Last 20 Years. This File Also Gives A History (and Hardware List) Of The Sherwood Forest Bbses, Which Were Among My All-time Favorite Boards, And Probably A Pretty Darn Influential Force In The World That Presents.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]apples.txt8,960<b>typical Apple Piracy Message Base, Circa 1984</b><br><i>this Pristine Capture Of A 14-message Apple "warez" Message Base Shows A Gamut Of User Types Converging In One Place To Trade Boasts, Information, And Programs. From Sherlock Apple's Boast Of "i Have Em All!!!!!!" To Creative Cracker And Key Master's Bbs Ads, You Can See How These Places Became Hotbeds Of Activity And Information. Key Master And I Traded Textfiles Back Then; I Thought Nothing Of Calling A Bbs Called "the 4th Reich".</i><br>&nbsp
[???]arttext.fun4,020<b>the Art Of Writing Textfiles, By The Bronze Rider</b><br><i>bronze Rider Weighs In With His Opinions On How To Write Proper Textfiles, Probably In Response To Some Lack Of Quality In Files Up To That Point. (this File Is Incomplete For The Moment, But You'll Get The Idea.)</i><br>&nbsp
[???]b00g!.hum6,623<b>b00g And The Art Of Zen, By Anarchy Incorporated</b><br><i>this File Started A Weird "b00g" Craze That Perpetuated Itself For A Number Of Years Across A Lot Of Bbses That I Was On/involved In. Then Again, Anarchy Inc. Was One Of Those Groups You Could Depend On For Some Really Excellent Writing No Matter What The Subject Was About.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]balls.txt2,845<b>mouse Balls Available As A Field Replacement Unit</b><br><i>a Classic Example Of A Somewhat Plausible File Making The Rounds For Years And Years. This Likely-true File Discussing How To Wash The Balls From Computer Mice Took On A Life Of Its Own And Still Shows Up Occasionally. Surely A Giggle, If Not A Guffaw.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]basicom4.phk17,717<b>bioc Agent's Telecommunications Series, Part Iv</b><br><i>bioc Agent 003 Was One Of Those Rare Phone Phreaks Who Could Both Assimilate Information Around Him And Present It In A Well-written, Forthright Manner. Often, Many Of The Phreaking Textfiles Of The Time Were Poorly Written, Hastily Formatted, And Lacking In Any Perspective Beyond How To Break Or Get Freebies From A Computer Or Network. Bioc Got A Lot Of Attention With His Clear Writing And Informative Series "the Basics Of Telecommunications", Which Appeared In The Summer Of 1984. This Example From The Series, Part 4 (of 7) Covered Both The Hierarchy And Electronic Network Of The Bell Telephone System. Groundbreaking.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]basicom5.phk18,867<b>bioc Agent's Telecommunications Series, Part V</b><br><i>another Example Of Bioc's Writing In The Basics Of Telecommunications Series, This Section Dealt Entirely With The Basic Telephone, Including The Wiring And The Electronic Aspects. Notably, Bioc Gives A Bibliography Where He Got A Lot Of His Information (something Pretty Much Not Done Beforehand) And Additionally Covers The Theory Of Operation Of The Infamous "black Box", As Well. Excellent.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]bbsdeath.pro7,639<b>whatever Happened To Real Bulletin-board Systems?</b><br><i>what Strikes Me About This File Was That It Was Written Around 1982 And Decries How Out-of-touch, Vicious, And Impersonal The Bbs World Has Grown For The Writer. Note The Interesting Reasons He Gives For The Downturn Of Bbs's.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]bc760mod.ham1,408<b>modification Of The Uniden Bearcat Bc950xlt For Cellular Frequencies, By John Stover (march 29, 1988)</b><br><i>the Problem Was Major: Cellular Phones Could Be Listened To By Any Ham Radio Scanner Being Made. The Normal Solution: Produce Better Cell Phones, That Did A Better Job Of Encrypting/scrambling Transmissions. The Solution The Government Took: Force All Creators Of Any Ham Radio Scanners To Remove The Capability Of Ham Radios To Listen To The Frequencies Chosen For The Cellular Phones. Naturally, The Companies Did This In The Cheapest Way Possible, Often Just Running A Short-circuiting Wire Such That Attempts To Go To Those Frequencies Would Be Unsuccessful. And Naturally, Files Such As This One Made Themselves Available, Where You Were Told How To Take Out That Wire And Restore The Machine To Full Functionality. Was The Point To Listen In On People? No. The Point Was Crippling Technology To Hide Things From People Flies In The Face Of The Spirit Of Technology. 5 Short Lines, And The Efforts From The Unknowing Are Thwarted. The Power Of Textfiles.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]beefstar.hum2,965<b>"hey How Much For Someone To, You Know, Screw With The Beef?"</b><br><i>this Is The Only Beef Pornography I've Ever Seen. Sexual Surrealism At Its Best.<br>&nbsp
[???]bhbb1.hac9,837<b>better Homes And Blue Boxing, Part I, By Mark Tabas (january 7, 1985)</b><br><i>mark Tabas Came Along In 1985 And Wrote A Series Of Chatty, Friendly Files About All The Fun You Could Have With The Mysterious Blue Box, The Most Famous Of All The Phreak Boxes That Rose Out Of The 1970's And 1980's. This Box, When Used In Conjunction With A 2600hz Tone Across A Phone Line, Allowed You To Seize Control A Telephone Line As If You Were An Operator And Do All Sorts Of Neat, Crazy Stuff. By 1985 These Boxes Were Becoming Obsolete (with The Advent Of Electronic Switching System, Or Ess) But This File Harkens Back To This Interesting Era. A Sign Of The Great Works Lod Would Create For The Next Decade.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]billrights.fun3,746<b>the Bill Of Rights "lite", By John Perry Barlow</b><br><i>this Re-tooled Bill Of Rights, Rephrased To Reflect Most Of The Constitutional Issues Arising In Cyberspace And In General Everyday Life, Hit The Nail On The Head As To How Far The Government Had Strayed From Its Original Plan. Barlow, A Co-founder Of The Electronic Freedom Foundation, Makes His Beliefs About The Modern World Known In Just A Couple Screenfuls Of Slashed-up Constitutional Law.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]black.box4,460<b>to All Who Dare -- The Black Box</b><br><i>for Many People, This Simple Little Text File Was The Opening Door Into The World Of The Phone Phreak, A World Where A Simple Application Of Technology Meant A Subversion Of The Great And Powerful Bell System. In This Case, The Black Box Would Convince The Telephone Company That Your Phone Was Still Ringing, Even Though You'd Picked The Phone Up And Were Chatting Happily Through The Buzzing Rings. With Its Name Owing To The 1970's Era "blue Box", The Black Box Was The Final Spark To Ignite A Stream Of Steady "box" Files, Each One A More Flamboyant And Wild Color And Each Promising The World.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]bofh.13,854<b>the Bastard Operator From Hell #1, By Simon Travaglia</b><br><i>as The Bbs Kids Of The World Grew Into Full-fledged System Operators, They Found That No Textfile Out There Caught The Frustrations And Issues Of A Computer Hacker Saddled With Responsibility More Than The Bofh (bastard Operator From Hell) Series. Stretching Through Many Files And Continuing To This Day As A Magazine Column, These Textfiles Set Out An Alternate-world Simon The Sysadmin Who Would Torture And Ruin His Users In The Pursuit Of More Free Time And Lager. The Initials Bofh Have Become One Of The Better-kept Inside Jokes Of The System Admin Trade, And These Files Have Become Immortal.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]captain.phk2,759<b>an Apple For The Captain, By Steven Wozniak (october 1, 1984)</b><br><i>bioc Agent 003 Transcribes An Infoworld Article That Mentions A Funny Story About Captain Crunch (john Draper), An Employee Of Apple, Reprogramming An Apple Ii So That It Would Dial Up Pbx Lines To Get Free Phone Codes. In A Few Short Paragraphs, Steven Wozniak Describes Phone Phreaking With An Innocent Sense Of Fun And Exploration, Using Common Technology. </i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]captmidn.txt24,394<b>the Story Of Captain Midnight</b><br><i>this Textfile, Source Unknown, Tells The Story Of Captain Midnight, A Lone Satellite Operator Who Overrode Hbo's Signal With A Warning Against Charging $12.95 A Month And Scrambling Their Signal. This Sudden Seizure Of The Hbo Signal Caught The Media (and The Government)'s Attention, And He Was Soon Caught. This Textfile Saves The Memory Of A Fellow Who Took Matters Into His Own Hands, And Blew Out A Showing Of Pee Wee's Big Adventure As A Bonus. </i><br>&nbsp
[???]catstuff.app9,818<b>expanding Your Apple Cat Ii, By The Ware-wolf</b><br><i>the Novation Apple Cat Modem Was One Of Those Pieces Of Technology That You Just Can't Believe Ever Got Out Into The Market, And Which Stands As A Straight Example Of The Creativity That Lives In This World. Built Simply To Be A Flexible Modem, This Piece Of Technology Contained 4 Digital To Analogue Converters And Several Other Unexpected Ports And Switches That Caused It To Be Used As A Clock, Answering Machine/voice Mailbox, Hold Button, Voice Changer, And Music Player. Simply Put, This Modem Was Beyond Belief. This Textfile Helps Show Some Of The Amazing Modifications To This Modem That Were Devised By Its Users. </i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]cdc-0200.txt124,155<b>the Cdc #200 Higgledy-piggledy-big-fat-henacious-mega-mackadocious You-can't-even-come-close-so-jump-back-k-boomidy-boomidy-boom File, By Swamp Ratte'</b><br><i>the Cult Of The Dead Cow Continues To Be A Prominent Force In The Online World, But When They Started In The Late 1980's They Were Just Another Text-file Writing Group, Copying Heavy Metal Lyrics And Printing Bomb Ingredient Lists. Swamp Ratte's Perseverance And Leadership Caused Cdc To Break Out Of That Mode, However, And By The Time They'd Released Their 200th Textfile (in December Of 1992) They'd Been Around For Over 6 Years, Forever By Bbs Standards. To Celebrate, Swamp Ratte' Wrote This File, Which I Consider To Be An All-time Classic Not Only Because Of The Dead-on Parodies Of The Bbs World Of The 1980's That Run Through It, But For The Way These Parodies Perfectly Capture A Lot Of The Cultural Forces That Ran Through That Time. (the Warez Vs. Textfiles Debate, The Self-aggrandizement Of Older Hackers, The Completely Bizzare Spelling Styles, Etc.) This File Truly Goes Above And Beyond In Every Way. A Great Reference File To See If You Can Get All The Jokes When Reading Other Files Here.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]codegeek.txt20,841<b>robert Hayden's Code Of The Geeks V1.01</b><br><i>the Geek Code Is One Of Those Bizzare Internet-only Phenomenons That Would Only Rise Up Among A Culture Dominated By The Intelligensia: A Code That, Through An Application Of Letters With Plus Or Minus Modifications, Would Indicate The Hobbies, Desires, Or Public Aspects Of That Person, Easily Machine-readable, But To Anyone Who Didn't Know The Code, Completely Indecipherable. </i><br>&nbsp
[???]copyprot.pro11,392<b>copy Protection: A History And Outlook</b><br><i>dt Writes A Quick Overview (intended For Publication, And Therefore A Little More Balanced Than It Normally Would Have Been) About The History Of Copy Protection And Some Of The Methods Used On Both Sides In The War Over Software. </i><br>&nbsp
[???]crossbow29,200<b>from Crossbows To Cryptography: Thwarting The State Via Technology</b><br><i>chuck Hammill Of The Libertech Project Comes Out With A Jaw-dropping Defense Of Technology As A Liberating Force, Through The Use Of Cryptography And Communication, And Applies It To His (cynical) View Of History And The Nature Of Governments. A Speech Given At The Future Of Freedom Conference That Is At Once Balanced, Intruiging, Revolutionary, Bitter, Hopeful, And Inspiring. All Around, Ahead Of Its Time And Relevant To This Very Minute.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]dec.wars31,839<b>dec Wars: The Continuing Saga Of The Adventures Of Luke Vaxhacker</b><br><i>one Of The Earlier And One Of The Best Cross-cultural Fan Fiction Files, Combining The World Of Digital's Vax Series Of Computers With The Star Wars Movies. Peppered Throughout This File, Tons Of Inside Vax Jokes Combine With Star Wars References, Making It One Of The Geekiest, Nerdiest Files You Could Come Across Online. This Genre Has Exploded Out Of Control Since Then, But At The Time, It Was Something Really New, And A Ton Of Fun.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]diskgone.ana627<b>when He Boots It, It Boots Him! From Ziggy Stardust</b><br><i>this Explosive Device Sticks In The Mind Because Of Both The Pure Nastiness Of The Situation (booby Trapping A Floppy Disk To Turn It Into A Bomb) And The Reason Given For A Person To Risk Someone Else's Life: They Didn't Trade Pirated Programs Honestly.<br>&nbsp
[???]dodontae.hum9,385<b>the Do's And Don'ts Of Ascii Express, By Quasimoto</b><br><i>the Story Of Ascii Express Is One Of A Telecommunications Company Adding A Small Feature To Allow Remote Downloads, That Spread Into A Massive Underground Network Of Pirated Applications Throughout The Apple Ii Community. These "ae Lines" Provided Quick, Simple Access To Other Floppy Drives Across The Country, And Became A Subculture All Their Own. This File Purports To Give Some Suggested Etiquette For Ae Lines, Only To Be Deflated Quite Humorously By Count Nibble At The End.<br>&nbsp
[???]easymony.ana6,709<b>a Guide To Easy Money, By The Flash (january 4, 1986)</b><br><i>even A Cursory Read Of This File Shows That The Flash Knew Not One Molecule Of What He Was Talking About. This Complete Lack Of Knowledge In The Dark Arts Of Street Economy Obviously Didn't Stop Him From Publishing A Series Of Files On How To Succeed In Them. At This No-man's Land Between Fact And Fantasy, You Get A Great Insight Into The Author's Idea Of How The World Works, And How Easy He Thought The World Of Crime Was. (ostensibly, The Flash Has Gone On To A Nice, Quiet Life Somewhere.)<br>&nbsp
[???]eatingmsh.drg2,028<b>can You Put Psychedelic Mushrooms On Pizza?</b><br><i>a Pretty Funny Example From A Usenet Posting In Alt.drugs. Somehow, I Can Imagine This Happening. And Oh, He's The Manager! While A Lot Of Drug Files Tend To Be Boring Chemical Lists Or Long And Drawn-out Philosophical Discussions, This File Makes You Think Twice About Who's Working The Cash Register.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]eel_bye.txt7,680<b>the Eel Says Goodbye To The Pirate World</b><br><i>what Really Strikes Me About The Eel's Farewell To The Piracy World Of 1992 Is That While He Says That One Of His Primary Motivations For Leaving Is His Current Circle Of "real" Friends, The Rest Of The File Goes To Show He Has Dozens Of Other "real" Friends As Well. No Doubt In The Years After His Break Away From Life On The Modem He's Built Even More Circles Of Friends, But One Can't Help Wondering If He Doesn't Read This File And Think Of What Else He Threw Away Besides His Collection Of "warez".</i><br>&nbsp
[???]elite.cmd5,946<b>the Elite Commandments</b><br><i>as The Word "elite" Came To Be Bandied About In Bbses, People Started To Separate Themselves Between The "elite" And "unelite". Specifically, This Was Just Another Way To Look Down On Others Based On Completely Arbitrary, Meaningless Reasons. This File Skewers That Attitude In A List Of "commandments" That Best Represent The Mindset Of The Self-named "elite". As A Bonus, Several Inside Jokes From The Era Are Presented In A "gossip Weekly" Parody At The End.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]elites.txt3,113<b>someone Completely Blows Up</b><br><i>a Young Bbs User (i Don't Know Where This Came From) Suddenly Begins Ranting About Everything That Bothers Him About Being On Bbses. His Complaints Take On A Heartwarming Quirkiness, Looking Back.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]ethics.txt8,140<b>ethics For Bbs Users</b><br><i>a Well-written, Nicely-formatted, Completely Pedantic File That Lectures You On Every Aspect Of Being A Bbs User. This File Was Part Of A Trend Of Sysops Explaining To Users How Great They Had It For Having Bbses To Call, And To Appreciate The Work Behind Them. They Were Rarely Successful, But You Do What You Can. The Invitation To Download The File And Display It On Other Bbses Meant That Some New Users Would Be Subjected To This File Automatically. The "wearing A Tie To School" Side Of The Bbs World.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]famous.bug52,609<b>famous Computer Bugs, Compiled By Dave Curry And John Shore</b><br><i>this Arpanet-compiled Lists Of Computer Glitches Through History Shows Some Wonderful Perspective On Disasters And Screw-ups Through History (mostly The 60's And 70's) And Shows You The Interesting Vulnerabilities That Have Cropped Up Over Time. Some Of Them, Such As A Probe Suddenly Losing Contact With Earth, Are Scarily Sobering, But Others, Such As The Multics Bug (the Swapper-out Process Would Swap Out The Swapper-in Process!) Make You Just Want To Snort, Assuming You Snort At That Sort Of Thing. Geeky, And Cute.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]feh-154,625<b>fuckin' Eleet Haxor Issue #1, July 1st 1995</b><br><i>as The World Wide Web Really Started To Take Hold In The Middle Of The 1990s, Textfiles Became A Rarer And Rarer Entity, Usually Leaning Instead To Html Pages And Graphics To Get The Information (and The Point) Across. In The Case Of Feh, Indicative Of The Textfiles Of The Time, It Is Sometimes Very Hard To Tell Where The Parody And Where The Seriousness Lay Within The Issue. While A Lot Of It Seems To Be A Thought-out Send-up Of The Badly-spelling Hacking Community, Some Serious And Researched Information Is Included As Well. This Magazine Went On To Several Additional Issues, Each Of Them A Little More Serious Than The Last. For Better Or Worse, This Is How Things Came To Be In The Culture.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]gems.txt75,172<b>gems: The Untold Story, By The Video Vindicator (february 1, 1992)</b><br><i>the Video Vindicator Came Late Into The Game (early 1990's) But Produced Some Of The Most Wonderful Files From That Time Period. This File Caught My Attention Because He Chose A Subject That Would Normally Be Of Very Little Interest To The Bbs Crowd (gemology) And Takes It To A Completely New Level By Turning It Into Both A Wonderful History Lesson About Gems (i Learned A Lot In This File) And Twisting It Into Yet Another Way To Scam The Planet For Some Extra Bucks. Breathtaking In His Audacity, And Completely Slick In His Delivery. One To Watch.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]groupass.phk1,809<b>an Unforgettable Telephone Service Call, From Pat Routledge</b><br><i>this Breed Of Textfile Tends To Be Short, Amusing, And Perpetuated Endlessly. Often The Story Is Hard To Track Back, And Is Even More Often A Paraphrase Of What Actually Happened, But It Never Fails To Be Humorous, Especially If It Lasted This Far. A Classic "urban Legend", Even If It's True.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]hack1.hac7,960<b>the Basics Of Hacking: Introduction, By The Knights Of Shadow</b><br><i>the Knights Of Shadow Produced A Collection Of Hacking How-tos That Instructed Users How To Get Around A Variety Of Mainframes, Including Digital And Data General Machines. While The Information In These Texts Might Not Be As Relevant, This Introduction Stands Apart For Its Preaching The Idea Of Hacking For Knowledge, And Leaving No Footprints And Destroying Nothing In The Process. Their Definition Of "hacker" Is Rather Interesting, As Well. A Clever Set Of Files.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]hack11a.txt692,945<b>the Project Gutenberg E-text Of Bruce Sterling's Hacker Crackdown</b><br><i>in 1993, Science Fiction Author Bruce Sterling Aimed His Considerable Writing Talents To Dissecting And Understanding All The Forces At Work Between Hackers, Police, And The People They've Had An Effect On. He Does A Very Admirable Job. While No Book (so Far) Has Captured The 1980's Computer Hacker Experience Perfectly, This Book Makes You Come Away With A Feeling That The Major Issues Were Touched On And That No-one (on Either Side) Got The Short Shaft. (this Is A Major Accomplishment In Itself.) Sterling Is An Excellent Writer, And While Compared To Other Works In This Directory This Textfile Is A Bit On The Mammoth Side, It's Worth It. This File Also Highlights The Work Of The Great Project Gutenberg, Which For 20 Years Has Endeavored To Transcribe As Many Classic Works To Electronic Texts As Their Staff Of Volunteers Will Let Them. There's An Entire Directory Of These Important And Breathtakingly Huge Projects On Textfiles.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]hack7.txt3,988<b>the Conscience Of A Hacker, By The Mentor (january 8, 1986)</b><br><i>the Mentor's Angry Scream Against The Authorities He Saw As Trying To Crush His Spark And The Spark Of People Like Him. For Some Reason, This File Became The Flashpoint That A Number Of Books (including Bruce Sterling's) Used As An Example Of The Oppression Of The Intelligent And The Motivations Behind The Fine Art Of Hacking. Whether It Stands Up To This Sort Of Light Or Not, It's A Clear Statement From Someone Who Feels A Lot Of Pain; And That's What Communication Is All About.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]hack_ths.txt148,109<b>the Social Organization Of The Computer Underground, The Thesis Of Gordon Meyer</b><br><i>mr. (probably Dr.) Meyer's Sociology Paper On The Social Structure In Hacking, Phreaking, And Pirating Groups Is Interestingly Dedicated To George Hayduke (writer Of The "get Even" Series Of Revenge Books) And Barry Freed (the Pseudonym Taken By Abbie Hoffman When He Was A Fugitive From The Fbi). This Indicates Not A Little Leaning On The Side Of The Groups He's Analyzing. He Goes Over Impressions That The Media Have About Hackers, What Being A Hacker, Phreak Or Pirate Consists Of As He Sees It, And Then Tries To Draw Conclusions Of What This All Means. Written In 1989, This File Takes On The Subculture With A Non-hysterical Point Of View That Makes It Very Easy To Read. Worth The Time.</i><br>&nbsp
[???]highdoc.ana1,408<b>how To Get Really Soaring High On Gatorade, By Max Madd</b><br><i>some Of The Most Entertaining Textfiles Are The Ones Where The Writer Is Obviously Hot To Write One, But Has No Actual Information To Report On. Instead, They Pull Up A In-the-rough Concept, Like Getting High Off A Fruit Drink, And Create A Short File Around It. In This Case, The Key Is To Get High Off The Thirst-quenching Gatorade, By Merely Drinking It As Fast As Possible. Nearly A Third Of The Entire File Is A Legal Disclaimer, A Typical Gesture That Is Very Likely Meaningless In The Long Run.</i><br>&nbsp
[TXT]howtobbs.txt9,216<b>how To Become An Unsuccessful, Burned-out Sysop</b><br><i>from The Perspective Of 24-hour, Super-high-speed Internet Connections, It's Refreshing To Read This List Of Tips Telling People How They Can Improve Their Single-line, Often 2400 Baud Bbs Lines. The Hundreds Of Bulletin Boards Popping Up Every Month During The Early 80's Ensured That General Guideline Files Actually Had A Large Target Audience. Of Course, The Comment About Free Software Being Inherently Bad Doesn't Seem As Relevant Anymore...</i><br>&nbsp
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