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[ZIP]pdxwp122.zip161,896Paradox To Word Perfect Translator V 1.22
[ZIP]petpe283.zip250,171Real Nice Text Editor
[ZIP]pf10.zip21,612Perfetch: Pop-up File Finding Shell
[ZIP]phidx13.zip32,984Phindex Version 1.3 By Phil Herron Text File
[ZIP]phone_.zip1,426Listing Of All 800 Wordperfect Corp Customer
[ZIP]pp10.zip7,876Perfect Peeper Archive File Viewer
[ZIP]pwlitea.zip139,950Side A Of Pcwrite Lite
[ZIP]pwliteb.zip215,626Side B Of Pcwrite Lite
[ZIP]qe1.zip49,397Quick Text Editor
[ZIP]qedadv.zip128,390Qedit Advanced - Latest & Greatest (vg)
[ZIP]qeswp122.zip25,561Make Qedit A Tsr Program Works Well
[ZIP]qmac215.zip40,842Qmac 2.15 Macro Compiler For Qedit
[ZIP]qp275.zip40,033Quickprint 2.75 Is An Updated Version
[ZIP]qqhelp11.zip30,325Pop Up Help For Qedit & Other Programs
[ZIP]qqhlp215.zip1,735Qqhelp Help Text For Qedit Version 2.15
[ZIP]qwfind10.zip34,511Qedit Word Find Utility
[ZIP]readit20.zip65,169Readit Version 2.0 - Text File Viewing Utility
[ZIP]recall25.zip71,398Recall Version 2.5 For Word Perfect Users
[ZIP]recon.zip209,325Recon Front End For Tapcis For Compuserve Use
[ZIP]recond.zip86,365Documentation For
[ZIP]recycle_.zip38,167Recycle Converts Any Standard Text File
[ZIP]revprn.zip530Word Perfect 5.1 Macro Prints Reverse Document
[ZIP]rhodes.zip112,803Rhodes Warrior - Roland Rhodes Mk-80 Editor
[ZIP]rndup.zip56,926Ventura Style Sheet Editor Change Fonts Etc
[ZIP]rosemenu.zip4,914Another Version Of Rose Media's Main Menu
[ZIP]rw4_demo.zip101,534Demo Of Right Writer Grammar Checker
[ZIP]sc300.zip132,626Super Crypt Version 3.0 Menu-driven Document
[ZIP]se145.zip91,337Softkey Editor Version 1.45 Has Many Options
[ZIP]sharesp2.zip264,740Share Spell Version 2.0 - Stand Alone Checker
[ZIP]short2.zip27,053Short Hand Works With Your Editor
[ZIP]sled.zip34,052Sled Full Screen Text Editor Lots Of Options
[ZIP]slnames.zip6,510Short-long Names Word Perfect 5.1 Macro
[ZIP]sorthlp.zip9,059Sorting Help & Hints For Word Perfect 5.1
[ZIP]spell23b.zip266,374Sharespell V 2.3b Ascii Text File Checker
[ZIP]spellr.zip363List Of American Contractions For Adding
[ZIP]star110.zip4,470Random Star-trek Quotes
[ZIP]styles.zip11,658Styles Information & Helps For Wordperfect 5.1
[ZIP]sum.zip1,929Word Perfect Macro That Will Convert Numbers
[ZIP]swp1.zip158,192Word Processor From Scandanavia Disk 1 Of 4
[ZIP]swp2.zip159,633Word Processor From Scandanavia Disk 2 Of 4
[ZIP]swp3.zip198,593Word Processor From Scandanavia Disk 3 Of 4
[ZIP]swp4.zip235,736Word Processor From Scandanavia Disk 4 Of 4
[ZIP]tablehlp.zip41,352Tables Helps & Hints For Word Perfect 5.1
[ZIP]tableref.zip9,272Tables A Quick Reference Guide To Wp 5.1 Doc
[ZIP]tde10.zip36,474Thomson-davis Editor Public Domain Text
[ZIP]tde10src.zip77,945Msc C Source For Thomson-davis Editor
[ZIP]tde13.zip211,867Thomson-davis Editor Version 1.3
[ZIP]te20.zip70,355Theedit Version 2.0 Text Writer
[ZIP]ted3.zip17,477Improved Ted: Your Favorite Tiny Editor
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