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[ZIP]autosn32.zip40,312Autoscan Version 3.2 Scans Zipped Files
[ZIP]bootid.zip16,487Identify A Diskette's Boot Sector Type
[ZIP]brinf122.zip35,212Version 1.22 Of Chief Data Recovery's Backinfo
[ZIP]brt21.zip88,085Supports Zip, Pak, Sdn, Arc, Lzh & Scan
[ZIP]central2.zip66,693Ega Version Of Virus Central
[ZIP]ckcom4.zip9,397Ckcom Version 4.0 Simple Way To Catch A Virus
[ZIP]clean86.zip123,555Clean-up V86 Virus Remover To Remove Scanv
[ZIP]clean89b.zip137,600Clean Up Virus Remover Program
[ZIP]cny91e.zip87,511Alerts You To Any Virus Effects
[ZIP]cy91i.zip96,676Pc Canary V91i Virus Alarm Detects Changes
[ZIP]dir2clr.zip12,506Detector & Disinfect For Dir Ii Virus
[ZIP]fm_new.zip73,846New Fm Drivers For Sound Blaster & Db Pro
[ZIP]fshld12.zip34,640Mcafee File Shield Version 1.2 For Software
[ZIP]i_m111.zip253,314Integrity Master Version 1.11a Data Integrity
[ZIP]ibmvirus.zip108,904Ibm's Viruscan Version 2.12 Shareware
[ZIP]infect.zip78,980Joke & Warning .gl File About Viruses
[ZIP]limavir.zip1,102Viruses That Scan V82 Does Not Recognize
[ZIP]mvcheck.zip16,279Scan For & Remove Michaelangelo Virus
[ZIP]navm.zip199,856This Is Norton Anti-virus Program
[ZIP]netscn86.zip99,273Network Version Of Mcafee Virus Scanner V86
[ZIP]pc_cilin.zip82,344Pc-cillin A Virus Immune System
[ZIP]safembr.zip3,228Modifies Master Boot Record To Protect
[ZIP]scan89b.zip127,668Another Virus Scanning Program
[ZIP]scantl17.zip174,644Scantool Version 1.7 Is A Simple Shell
[ZIP]scanv86b.zip111,392Scan Disk For Some Types Of Viruses V8.3b86
[ZIP]secur235.zip21,758Secure V2.35 Tsr That Prevents Viruses From
[ZIP]sentry.zip29,960A Virus Protection Program
[ZIP]shield20.zip3,822Shield Version 2.0 Newest & Simplest Virus
[ZIP]shodot.zip8,506Novell Utility To Allow For Display
[ZIP]sigs.zip1,375Central Point Software Virus Signature
[ZIP]supsc30.zip62,268Superscan Version 3.0 Virus Scanner For Bbs's
[ZIP]tbscan20.zip42,433Fast & Powerful Virus Scanner
[ZIP]tbscan31.zip82,839Tbscan Anti Virus Program From Holland Europe
[ZIP]tbscnx26.zip49,467Resident Automatic Virus Scanner Needs Vir
[ZIP]thevirus.zip59,221Trak "thevirus"
[ZIP]tscan200.zip47,787Transcan Virus Scanner & Rearchiver
[ZIP]vchk203.zip32,227Viruschk Version 2.03 Shell For Mcafee's Scan
[ZIP]virfile2.zip32,957Summary Of Files In Idr316
[ZIP]virsh11e.zip82,135Virushell Version 1.10/english Menuing Shell
[ZIP]virsig_x.zip13,799Modified Tbscan.dat Signature File For
[ZIP]virus_my.zip9,520Text About Myths & Realities Of Viruses
[ZIP]viruss.zip4,180Dir Ii Virus On Ms-dos Computers
[ZIP]virx20.zip75,724Virx Virus Scanner Version 2.0
[ZIP]vscheck.zip81,512From Xtree Shareware Version Of Virusafe
[ZIP]vsck455.zip97,268Viruscheck Version 4.55 Virus Detection Product
[ZIP]vshld86b.zip95,625Vshield V86b: Tsr From Mcafee Et Al
[ZIP]vshld89b.zip107,136Vshield Version 89b: Tsr From Mcafee
[ZIP]vsumx202.zip524,541Virus Summary Listing February, 1992
[ZIP]vtac50t.zip42,266Vtac Version 5.0t Virus Security Program
[ZIP]vtec40b.zip113,436Virus Terminus 4.0b Menu / Front End
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