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[ZIP]arctic2.zip17,169Atm Font Collection For Postscript
[ZIP]bjlk220.zip7,298Sets Caps, Scrollock, Or Num Lock From Dos
[ZIP]capunl23.zip8,443Capunlok V 2.3 Tsr Utility That Allows Control
[ZIP]ddlk13.zip14,864Dd_lock V 1.3 Will Lock Keyboard & Screen Blank
[ZIP]f3fix1.zip72,341Falcon 3.0 Fix For Keyboard Lockup
[ZIP]fin107.zip52,997Finish Line V 1.07 Completes Your Sentences
[ZIP]fkey13.zip10,715Redefine Function Keys Version 1.3
[ZIP]flash1.zip5,641Small Tsr That Allows One To Use Keyboard Leds
[ZIP]homendxy.zip3,177Two Xpl Programs To Enhance Home & End Keys
[ZIP]hotkeys.zip69,732Hotkeys Will Work With Many Programs Incl W P
[ZIP]kbctl.zip4,811Keyboard Control Program - Tsr
[ZIP]keyprs40.zip4,559Keypress V 4.0 Stuff Characters Into Keyboard
[ZIP]keypushr.zip15,283Contains Two Methods For Character Placement
[ZIP]kws102.zip10,928Perform & Or Keyword Searches On Text Files
[ZIP]kws103.zip11,007Perform & Or Keyword Searches On Text Files
[ZIP]mkstuf2.zip4,726Mkstuf V 2.0 Mouse Keyboard Stuffer For Use
[ZIP]mohere12.zip23,617Move It Over Here V 1.2 Keystroke-saving Way
[ZIP]pb19.zip30,501Playback Version 1.9 Tsr Captures Keystrokes
[ZIP]pb19c.zip30,738Playback Version 1.9c Captures Your Keystrokes
[ZIP]pscrn43.zip266,552Screen Design & Generation Version 4.3
[ZIP]ptm213.zip57,097Phantom2 Phantom Of Keyboard Ii Version 1.3
[ZIP]r_dir.zip7,763Kill Off A Whole Dir In A Stroke No Del Or Rd
[ZIP]scrcal18.zip10,975Scrcalc Version 1.8 Tsr Addition Calculator
[ZIP]tl082791.zip76,841Timelock Version Of Tsr Keyboard
[ZIP]typt10a.zip23,704Typetimer V 1.0a Tsr Timer & Keystroke Counter
[ZIP]x115.zip14,454Utility To Reduce Number Of Keystrokes To .exe is a personal website. Opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer or any groups I am affiliated with.
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