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[ZIP]2speed.zip2,981Text On Foxpro 2 Speed Optimization
[ZIP]adget1.zip220,986Attention Getting Advertising *.pcx Images
[ZIP]aeclip3.zip7,888A Clipper Librarry For Programmer
[ZIP]aei_ncap.zip2,621Clipper S87 & 5.01 Mini Novell Capture Library
[ZIP]agraph.zip5,411Auto-graphing Functions For Clipper 5.01
[ZIP]alfred12.zip11,740Alfred Desktop Butler Version 1.2 Ms-window
[ZIP]bigd21.zip28,751Large Windows Virtual Desktop Version 2.1
[ZIP]bli151.zip77,279Blinker Update Version 1.51 Clipper Linker
[ZIP]bliman.zip70,388Manual For Blink Clipper Linker
[ZIP]calc14.zip25,006Clipper 5.01 Calculator Includes .obj .ng
[ZIP]calcul8.zip9,235Calcul8.lib Release 2 Clipper Library Of Three
[ZIP]cbutton.zip3,133Clipper 5.01 Code
[ZIP]ccsymtbl.zip6,700Clipper Applications Symbol Table Compression
[ZIP]cdgnotes.zip5,620Clipper Debugger Notes
[ZIP]cl5103.zip31,314Updated Nanforum Clipper 5.0x Bugs & Animals
[ZIP]clhlp110.zip153,058Cliphelp Version 1.1 Clipper F1 Help System
[ZIP]clip5new.zip2,258Whats New In Clipper 5.0
[ZIP]clip5not.zip12,577Nantucket Support Bulletin #3 On Clipper 5.0
[ZIP]clipio.zip105,368Enhance Clipper 5.xx I/o Capabilities
[ZIP]clipmen.zip7,834Scrolling Menus & Checkboxes For Clipper
[ZIP]clipset1.zip16,880Clipart Page For Geoworks Ensemble
[ZIP]clpgr2.zip152,566Graphics & Mouse Support For Clipper S-87 & 5.x
[ZIP]db2doc.zip12,107Dbf File Documentation For Fox Pro & Fox Base
[ZIP]dcsport.zip66,696Sports Trivia Desktop Calendar Version 1.02
[ZIP]dgeclc.zip6,034C Graphic Functions To Be Used With Clipper 5
[ZIP]dmetclip.zip45,280Compusolve Comm Library For Clipper
[ZIP]dmkey101.zip1,976Clipper S'87 Library To Set & Detect Keyboard
[ZIP]dtf102.zip11,109Dynamic Text Files (dtf) V 1.02 An Alternative
[ZIP]elapudf.zip2,427Udf That Calculates Elasped Time Clipper
[ZIP]exitchek.zip4,062Exit Checker Norton Desktop For Windows 3.0
[ZIP]expand52.zip96,354Excellent Function Library To Expand Clipper
[ZIP]fmt2sc.zip17,486Foxpro 2: Converts Fmt To Scx
[ZIP]foxcolor.zip9,752Foxpro Program To Select & Store Color Sets
[ZIP]foxpro2a.zip691,288Fox Pro Version 2 Working Demo Disk 1 Of 2
[ZIP]foxpro2b.zip650,271Fox Pro Version 2 Working Demo Disk 2 Of 2
[ZIP]fp20chng.zip46,322List Of Foxpro 2.0 Bug Fixes & Instructions
[ZIP]hombase1.zip141,311Excellent Memory-resident Desktop System 1 Of 3
[ZIP]hombase2.zip144,283Excellent Memory-resident Desktop System 2 Of 3
[ZIP]hombase3.zip22,006Excellent Memory-resident Desktop System 3 Of 3
[ZIP]inchpi.zip22,207Inchpica An Inches To Picas & Points Calculator
[ZIP]indexit.zip82,229Produces A Clipper Index For A Dbf
[ZIP]jbmak365.zip40,101Jb Make Version 3.65 A Make Utility For Clipper
[ZIP]lxnet.zip38,568Lxnet.lib Functions For Clipper Access Novell
[ZIP]maddm3.zip69,842Full Featured 'desktop' Adding Machine
[ZIP]man501.zip3,050More Missing Manual Pages From Clipper 5.0
[ZIP]memtool3.zip142,893Memtool V 3.0 Multifunction Tsr Desktop Utility
[ZIP]ndwspeed.zip1,077Increase Speed Of Norton Desktop For Windows
[ZIP]nf_rfc.zip13,575Clipper Toolbox Nantucket Forum Questions
[ZIP]nftinf.zip60,191Nanforum Toolkit For Clipper Information
[ZIP]ntxmeter.zip3,011Clipper Source To Display Progress Of Indexing
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