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[ZIP]1992cat.zip185,762Do It Yourself Floppy Disk Distributorship
[ZIP]_base.zip34,562A Collection Of 5 Utilities For Dbase Files
[ZIP]aburner.zip2,479Afterburner - Add For New Developers Toolkit
[ZIP]ac73.zip148,903Address Controller Is An Address Phone Book
[ZIP]apndbar.zip1,088Displays A Status Bar During Append
[ZIP]arch_f41.zip11,254Free-form Database With Graphics
[ZIP]array.zip29,181Memvars Vs. Arrays Sample Program
[ZIP]arrow_db.zip222,070Arrow 2.5 A Shareware Database
[ZIP]atbbsdbf.zip17,094Catalog Files File For Easy Tracking
[ZIP]audobase.zip21,239Audio Collection Database For Q&a Version 3.0
[ZIP]auto_inv.zip25,320A Dbase 3 Invoicing System For Auto Repairs
[ZIP]baby4u.zip38,288A Pregnancy Database Based On Recent Research
[ZIP]bbcopy02.zip16,617Copy Files From Ra Filebase
[ZIP]bbproper.zip98,219Converts .dbf File Fields From Upper To Lower
[ZIP]bbsale39.zip382,630B&b Salelead V 3.9 Database Management System
[ZIP]bbsparse.zip3,165Parse A Bbs File Listing Into .dbf
[ZIP]bibl551b.zip189,592Bibliographer V 5.51 Book Cataloger & Reference
[ZIP]bibl554d.zip220,470L*bibl Version 5.54d Create & Search Database
[ZIP]bk5a1rep.zip241,036Brother's Keeper Version 5.0 Disk 1 Of 5
[ZIP]bk5b1.zip231,618Brother's Keeper Version 5.0 Disk 2 Of 5
[ZIP]bk5c1.zip362,760Brother's Keeper Version 5.0 Disk 3 Of 5
[ZIP]bk5d1.zip318,192Brother's Keeper Version 5.0 Disk 4 Of 5
[ZIP]bk5doc1.zip55,751Brother's Keeper Version 5.0 Disk 5 Of 5
[ZIP]bl10s.zip215,404Book Librarian V 1.0s Easy-to-use Library
[ZIP]bookbase.zip57,240Book Base V 3.0 - Easy To Use Organizer Data
[ZIP]bookmndr.zip142,913Database For Cataloging Books & Magazines
[ZIP]breakrec.zip5,052Break*rec Will Take A Standard Random Access
[ZIP]brow1_01.zip7,879Demo Of Using Browse For Popups
[ZIP]buildmdx.zip19,683Recreate Mdx File From Stored Tag Info
[ZIP]c_o.zip168,293Store & Retrieve Club Member Data
[ZIP]calend.zip9,469Print Nice Calendars With Dbase Data
[ZIP]car110.zip159,970Automobile Maintance Data Base Utility
[ZIP]cbase101.zip225,707Very Complete Database Manipulation Package
[ZIP]ccb_fix.zip77,821Prompts For Dbf Name If <> Form Name
[ZIP]ccbinf.zip2,197Control Center Booster Bin File Docs
[ZIP]cdb120.zip79,755C Database Management System (cdb) V 1.20 Fast
[ZIP]cdbase11.zip155,477Cd/record Collection Database Version 1.1
[ZIP]checks4a.zip115,905Checks V 4 A Check Writing & Database Program
[ZIP]clrshow.zip5,633Color Setup For Dbase Iv
[ZIP]cntr.zip803Dbase 4 Udf For Centering Text In A Program
[ZIP]codesrch.zip11,335C Program That Searches Source Code
[ZIP]codtree.zip1,292Menu Trees - Menu.gen, Document.gen
[ZIP]colege92.zip173,270Select From 1,500 Over Colleges 1992
[ZIP]comet24d.zip76,268Dbase/clipper Background Communications
[ZIP]comet_mp.zip37,650Comet Communications Library For Dbiii/iv
[ZIP]computl2.zip5,738Dbase Source Code Compiling Program
[ZIP]crdepp.zip154,082C Relational Database Engine - 80 C Functions
[ZIP]d123.zip43,058Dbase File Editor
[ZIP]day32b.zip345,410A Day Planner, Calender, Rolodex, Dialer & More
[ZIP]db3procs.zip10,665Menu & Other Useful Processes For Dbase
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