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[ZIP]hs_slbbs.zip2,969Install Hs/link In Searchlight Bbs
[ZIP]hs_telix.zip2,087Instruction For Installing Hs/link In Telix
[ZIP]hs_tmate.zip2,141Install Hs/link In Telemate
[ZIP]hs_ub208.zip1,763Install Hs/link In Ultrabbs 2.08
[ZIP]hs_vbb54.zip3,604Install Hs/link Protocol In Virtual Bbs 5.40
[ZIP]hs_wc215.zip2,696Install Hs/link Protocol In Wildcat! V2.15
[ZIP]hs_wc301.zip2,695Install Hs/link In Wildcat 3.01
[ZIP]hterm.zip49,152Terminal Communications For Japanese Language
[ZIP]hunt100.zip9,423Procomm Plus 2.xx Script
[ZIP]hv42.zip5,708Hayes Version 42 Standard Text File
[ZIP]icom092a.zip212,291Intellicomm Communications V0.92 1 Of 2
[ZIP]icom092b.zip192,258Intellicomm Communications V0.92 2 Of 2
[ZIP]icombif.zip1,943Intellicomm Bif For Canada Remote Systems
[ZIP]ilguide.zip8,740Ilink Users Guide
[ZIP]inet_lib.zip62,242List Of National Library Bbss
[ZIP]inpcp100.zip285,289Incomm:pcpdial V1.00: High-speed & Automated
[ZIP]intel144.zip5,543Information On New Intel 14.4 Ex V 32bis
[ZIP]jaxhost6.zip75,683Jaxhost V6.0 Office-to-home Host Comm Pkg
[ZIP]jbhst51a.zip15,147{commo} Host Mode Macro Program Version 5.1a
[ZIP]jmod310.zip93,390Jmodem V3.10; Jmodem File Transfer Protocol
[ZIP]k9xhst_1.zip213,161Canine Express Hst V1.10: Hst Version 1 Of 2
[ZIP]k9xhst_2.zip265,028Canine Express Hst V1.10: Hst Version 2 Of 2
[ZIP]laston2.zip10,982Last On Utility For Executive Host Program
[ZIP]lc100.zip195,687Lcom V1.00: Small Configurable Comm Program
[ZIP]log_eqf.zip198,111Logging Program Supports Kenwood
[ZIP]loopback.zip496Pin-outs For Making Loop Back Plugs Serial
[ZIP]lwac.zip36,823Long Wire Antenna Calculator For Short Wave
[ZIP]m600_12b.zip11,016Comparison Of High Speed Modems - Version 1.2b
[ZIP]maxhst2.zip8,357Text File On Setting Up Hst & Ds Hst Optimizer
[ZIP]mcimsngr.zip301,393Mci Faxmail Package Requires Pan Subscription
[ZIP]mdm9_91.zip11,474Modem.dat File For Procomm Plus 2.01 Update
[ZIP]mdmcfg22.zip20,146Modemcfg.exe Program 2.02 A Setup Program
[ZIP]mip_100.zip8,049Modem Initialization Program
[ZIP]mobyop02.zip77,374Enables Dsz's Mobyturbo File Transfers
[ZIP]modem187.zip2,682Setting Up A Usr 14.4k Hst On Telegard
[ZIP]modem20.zip20,748How To Speak Modem Version 2.0
[ZIP]modem21.zip5,994Takes Your Modem On Or Off Hook
[ZIP]modem51.zip1,674Initialization Strings Of 51 Modems
[ZIP]modemcfg.zip35,090New Modem Config Files For Procomm+
[ZIP]mopt112.zip350,765Wabbxn's Amateur Radio Pbbs Program Part 1
[ZIP]morse30b.zip70,900Morse Code Tutor V3.0b
[ZIP]morse_cw.zip5,042Newest Version Of Morse Code Send In Basic
[ZIP]morser.zip7,467Program To Learn Morse Code
[ZIP]mosfet.zip17,805Motorola Tmos Power Mosfet Library V2.0
[ZIP]mosthost.zip15,827Enhanced Host Mode Macro For {commo}
[ZIP]mpt_qbat.zip1,982Mpt (puma) Batch Files For Qmodem
[ZIP]mpt_slt.zip1,909Mpt (puma) Script Files To Implement W/telix
[ZIP]mptlog10.zip34,818Mpt Protocol Log File Analyzer
[ZIP]mptqbats.zip1,979Mpt (puma) Batch Files For Qmodem
[ZIP]msk311.zip219,993Ms Kermit - 11.22.91 Update
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