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[ZIP]alpha7.zip2,359This Utility Reads Your Telephone Number
[ZIP]aplibs91.zip93,955Various Routines For Powerbasic
[ZIP]b2qv23.zip30,408Converts Tokenized (gw) Basic To Quick Basic
[ZIP]bas_int1.zip46,441Snippets Of Quickbasic Code Utilizing Call
[ZIP]bas_ref.zip239,200Quickbasic & Pds Cross Reference With Source
[ZIP]basicdem.zip353,448Demo Of Quickpak Professional & Graphpak
[ZIP]basprint.zip5,728Asm Source To Enhance Print Statement For Gw
[ZIP]baswiz17.zip229,293Hanlin: Basic Wizard's Library V 1.7 For Qb 4.5
[ZIP]bpp10.zip50,625Basic Preprocessor 1.0 Handles Programs
[ZIP]bprep101.zip16,667Brep Version 1.01 Preprocessor For Turbo Basic
[ZIP]bprep110.zip19,419Bprep V 1.10: Preprocessor For Turbo Basic & Qb
[ZIP]chessbas.zip6,259Basica & Gw-basic Source Code For Chess Program
[ZIP]crsbas.zip77,516Cross Reference Basic Programs
[ZIP]crzyline.zip1,150Great Qbasic Program Ega, Vga, Svga Supported
[ZIP]dframe18.zip119,367Door Utility For Quickbasic 4.5
[ZIP]dframe26.zip168,298Doorframe V 2.6 Qb 4.5 Subroutine Library
[ZIP]dosbasic.zip82,091Quickbasic Dos Library (with Asm Source)
[ZIP]ds31.zip97,238Door Source Version 3.1
[ZIP]dsbrowse.zip7,514File Browser & Directory Search For Quickbasic
[ZIP]edit_qb.zip28,312Quickbasic Asm Source For An Edit$ Routine
[ZIP]ezwindo1.zip144,513Quickbasic Ez-windows
[ZIP]fpdemo20.zip76,885Full Power Powerbasic Toolbox Demo 2.0
[ZIP]grid2.zip21,823Enhanced Version Of Grid Custom Control
[ZIP]gwframes.zip2,524Fancy Screen Borders In Gwbasic
[ZIP]hbb10.zip60,116Hybrid Btrieve Browser (hbb) V 1.0 Tsr Program
[ZIP]huffman.zip1,956Quickbasic 4.5 Huffman Compression Routines
[ZIP]hugegr.zip11,872Hugegird Version 1.0 Freeware By Nelson Ford
[ZIP]ike.zip74,789Icon Editor For Ms Windows 3.0 Includes Source
[ZIP]in_sort.zip2,899In-core Sorting Routine Source Code For Qb
[ZIP]keycode1.zip28,361Quickbasic / Pds Source To Determine Key Scan
[ZIP]lb2tutor.zip6,357A Basic Tutor Program
[ZIP]libwiz12.zip38,757Hanlin's Latest Utility For Custom Qb Libraries
[ZIP]lyapunba.zip113,156Bas, Exe, Docs For Lyapunov Fractal Generator
[ZIP]mousebas.zip3,346Program Your Mouse In Basic
[ZIP]muscle.zip195,662Demo Of Microhelp's New Basic Programmer's
[ZIP]pbclon17.zip314,150Tom Hanlin's Pbclone Version 1.7 For Quickbasic
[ZIP]pbpopsi.zip46,653Powerbasic Source For Displaying 6 3-d Popsi
[ZIP]pbtlte10.zip82,965Pbtools:lite Powerbasic Windowing, Screen, I/o
[ZIP]pbtool2i.zip116,357Pbtools 2.0i Powerbasic Toolkit For Windows,
[ZIP]pbwiz11.zip91,015Powerbasic Wizard's Library V 1.1 Math & Mouse
[ZIP]pdatb503.zip392,936Ms Pds Assembler Toolbox Version 5.03
[ZIP]picvie.zip13,007Simple Bitmap Viewer Wriiten In Visual Basic
[ZIP]preqlb20.zip85,487Use To Create A Qb Library
[ZIP]qb_box.zip2,365Quickbasic Asm Source To Draw Text Boxes
[ZIP]qb_trap.zip715Quickbasic Asm Source For Trapping Interrupts
[ZIP]qbatb503.zip397,285Quickbasic Assembly Toolbox Version 5.03
[ZIP]qbcmnt11.zip15,108Qb Utility To Add Comments To Your Source Code
[ZIP]qbeval10.zip42,412Expression Evaluator For Qbasic
[ZIP]qbnws204.zip65,588Quickbasic Electronic Newsletter Volume 2
[ZIP]qbrv1_2.zip41,360Quick Basic Renumber Utility Version 1.2 Basic
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