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[ZIP]13traits.zip919Text On 13 Desirable Character Traits, A Jewish Perspective.
[ZIP]300bps.zip2,378101 Things To Do With Your Old 300 Baud Modem!
[ZIP]59insn.zip2,70159 Signs That You Are Going Insane. Humorous.
[ZIP]95bridge.zip4,571How To Bride A Lantastic Network Using Win95.
[ZIP]a2faq.zip32,433Official Apple ][ Faq: Feb, 8th 1995 Update.
[ZIP]abort.zip472Humorous Collection Of "error Reading Drive C:\.."
[ZIP]absurd.zip711Absurd Product Warnings. Funny. Ascii Text.
[ZIP]accident.zip1,126Insurance Form Accident Summary By Policyholders. Very Funny!
[ZIP]actnow.zip19,820Three Text Files That Contain All The Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Email And
[ZIP]add2.zip7,634A Text File About Attention Deficit Disorder And Ad Hyperactivity D (adhd).
[ZIP]addict.zip3,84490 Ways To Tell If You Are A Bbs Addict. Humorous Ascii Text File.
[ZIP]airjokes.zip33,351Collection Of Aviation Related Jokes.
[ZIP]airos.zip1,415Humorous "what If An Operating System Ran An Airlines". Ascii Text File.
[ZIP]alankeye.zip6,611Position Paper On American Moral Crisis By Republican Dr. Alan Keyes.
[ZIP]amigarlz.zip2,425Amiga Qualities Faq: Why An Amiga Is A Good Computer To Have.
[ZIP]amish.zip442Top 10 Amish Spring Break Activities. Text.
[ZIP]amiwalkr.zip3,677The Walker/at Faq 1.2: Information About Amiga Computers.
[ZIP]amlf.zip84,872Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File 3.1.2: June 1996
[ZIP]analogy.zip1,691Collection Of The Worst Analogies Ever Used In A Highschool Essay Contest.
[ZIP]andreath.zip6,567Transcript Of An Interview With Andrea Thompson (talia Winters From Babylon
[ZIP]animalri.zip3,015Animal Rights Alert Bulletin. Very Funny.
[ZIP]answer.zip10,602Another Collection Of Humorous Answering Machine Outgoing Messages.
[ZIP]answerng.zip521Psychiatric Hospital Help Line Answering Mach
[ZIP]answmsgs.zip9,315Collection Of Outgoing Msgs For An Answering Machine. Very Funny.
[ZIP]antilib.zip77,914Re-evaluating Liberal Wisdom From The Center For The Historical Study Of
[ZIP]applbomb.zip2,862Humorous Text File About How Apple Computers Arranged For It's Own Bombing
[ZIP]appleeve.zip10,116The Apple [computer] Bites The African Eve By: Marvin Lubenow. This Text Fi
[ZIP]applicat.zip1,223Application Form For Residence In Arkansas.
[ZIP]apploss.zip1,176Exerpt From Usa Today (april 18th, 1996) Money Section About Apple's Critic
[ZIP]arabsay.zip782Top 10 Most Useful Things To Say When Traveling In Moslem Arab Areas.
[ZIP]arfaq.zip20,824Anne Rice Faq: February 13th, 1995.
[ZIP]armed.zip2,583The Armed Woman's Attitude Test. Great!
[ZIP]atfreg.zip258,176Ms Word Doc File On Firearms Laws/reg From The Atf.
[TXT]atombomb.txt5,024Humorous Text File On How To Build An Atom Bomb. Not Serious.
[ZIP]aussie.zip2,279Text File About The "non-discovery Of Austrialia". Pretty Funny!
[ZIP]b5bgfaq.zip59,577Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions And Battlestar Galactica Faq [feb 95].
[ZIP]b5edu.zip5,173Things I Learned From Watching The Tv Series Babylon 5. Ascii Text File.
[ZIP]b5sept15.zip23,569Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions List September 15th, 1995 Update. Asci
[ZIP]babies.zip680Joke About The Delivery Of Babies To The Wives Of Three Different Men. Cute
[ZIP]babylon5.zip5,489Babylon 5 Technical Faq Sheet 1.2
[TXT]babysong.txt1,920Lyrics To "song For The Parents Of Aborted Babies"
[ZIP]badday.zip68218 Ways You Can Tell It's Going To Be A Rotten Day. Humorous.
[ZIP]baddoc.zip569Top 10 Signs You've Been To See A Bad Doctor
[ZIP]badmed.zip13,872Bad Medicine: A Discussion Of The "new Morality" By Bob Jones, Iii. Text Fi
[ZIP]barney1.zip999Barney The Dinosaur Arrested On 137 Counts Of Child Molestation. Humorous
[ZIP]barney2.zip1,138Just What Is Barney Anyway? Several Leading Theories About Barney. Funny.
[ZIP]bartbord.zip1,099Collection Of All Things "bart Simpson" Has Ever Written On The Blackboard
[ZIP]bb_bumps.zip98,179Bumps In The Big Bang By: Russell Humphreys, Ph.d. Text File Examining The
[ZIP]bbs_cmnd.zip1,300The 30 Commandments Of Bbsing.
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