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[HTML]00_index.htm53,202Index Of Files In This Directory
[ZIP]1-key.zip30,3081-key 1.0: Dos Utility
[ZIP]144to196.zip19,158Convert 1.44mb Diskettes To 1.968mb Disks
[ZIP]16550u.zip28,78616550 Uart Control Program 1.0
[ZIP]1pass2_1.zip16,882Onepass 1.55 Dos Floppy Disk Copier Utility.
[???]2000.exe13,600Year 2000 Pc Test - Will Your Computer Survive The Date?
[ZIP]2col95.zip57,2182col 9.5: Dos Compressed Print Utility.
[ZIP]2m30.zip256,9342m V3.0 Floppy Disk Formatter!
[ZIP]3c5x9x.zip651,9643com Etherdisk 5.0 For The 3c5x9 Etherlink Iii Nic Lan Cards.
[ZIP]3drvs260.zip69,4823_drives 2.6 Universal Device Driver
[ZIP]400g40.zip1,209,042Canon Bubble Jet Windows 96 Printer Drivers
[ZIP]4dos600.zip764,5234dos 6.00 (release B 109): July 1997 Update
[ZIP]4drvu100.zip34,7984_drive Utilities 1.0: Ide Inquiry Utility
[ZIP]4print.zip68,8944 Print 2.20 Hp Laserjet Multiple File Printing Utility Demo.
[ZIP]550_util.zip15,3663 16550 Uart Utils That Test The Presence Of 16550 Uarts
[???]56xwin95.exe20,576Panasonic Cd Rom Drivers For Windows 95.
[ZIP]5x9c32.zip19,1343com Ethernet Lan Card Drivers/helps.
[ZIP]7togo.zip8,746Easy Menu. Dos Menu Program For Color And Mono.
[ZIP]9clocks.zip35,668Dos-based Clock/alarm Clock Programs With Docs.
[ZIP]abmenu16.zip27,626Abmenu 1.6: Stay-in-dos Program Menu & Drive/directory Hopper
[ZIP]access.zip11,543Accsys 1.0: Security Shield For Fixed Disk Dos Systems. Requires Login Name
[ZIP]acid.zip27,761Acid Warp Dos Screen Saver.
[ZIP]acidwarp.zip24,656Acid Warp 4.06: Dos Screen Saver
[ZIP]addmem.zip25, A Memory Resident Tsr Util That Uses Avail. Video Ram As Regula
[ZIP]addmem25.zip24,661Addmem 2.05: Dos Memory Resident Tsr Utility That Adds 96k More Conventiona
[ZIP]agsi113e.zip505,881Agsi 1.1.3: Dos Systeminfo Tool With Dozens Of Items Of Info About Hardware
[ZIP]ai20.zip34,534Artifically Intelligent Command Line Interface 2.0: A Memory Resident (tsr)
[ZIP]almdn102.zip53,924Alarm 1.02: Dos Based Tsr Alarm Clock To Remind You Of Up To 100 Important
[ZIP]ami_info.zip16,106Text File On The Ami Bios From Compu$erve Setup Options, Troubleshooting
[ZIP]amm30.zip39,900Ansi Macro Maker 3.0: Freeware Dos Hot Keys/dos Keyboard Macro Maker. Bug F
[ZIP]amos111.zip80,230Amos 1.11: Dos-program For Os/2 Users Gives Easy Access To Hpfs-formatted
[ZIP]aprint.zip216,831Print Codes As You Want 3.0 For Windows 3.1. Requires Vbrun300.dll (not
[ZIP]aquarm.zip113,792Aquarium 1.045: Dos Screen Saver That Simulates An Aquarium With Fish. You
[ZIP]aquarm1.zip36,942Aquarium: Old Dos Screen Saver.
[ZIP]argh.zip69,101Argh!! Harmless Dos Prank Program That Will Frustrate Your Fellow Workers,
[ZIP]asap0313.zip197,114Automatic Screen Speech Access Progm March 13th 1995 Update.
[ZIP]ascope.zip14,592Dos Screen Saver With Curved 'straight Lines.
[ZIP]asmdd100.zip8,523Asm Digital Disk 1.00d For Dos: Lets You See Your Hard Disk Working On Scre
[ZIP]atapi.zip70,474Sony Ide Cd-rom Drivers For Dos/win. Also Includes Corelcdx Replacement For
[ZIP]autoconf.zip125,322Autocon 2.0: Autoexec.bat And Config.sys Manager That Keeps Up To 50
[ZIP]autorun.zip13,510Autorun (1-1-92): Run Dos Applications Once A Day With This Autoexec Utilit
[ZIP]autosc20.zip103,588Autoscript 2.0: A Tsr Which "records" & "plays" Scripts In Background. Reco
[ZIP]b_f_147.zip352,272Back & Forth 1.47: Dos Task Switcher/ Program Management Tool. Instantly Lo
[ZIP]backsn20.zip148,055Back Soon 2.0: Dos Screen Saver Utility That Takes Messages. Displays Scrol
[ZIP]bad202.zip11,648Bad 2.02 Disk Utility That Searches A Disk For Files That Match A User-supp
[ZIP]bagkeys.zip11,526Bagkeys V1f: Dos Util That Captures Keyboard Strokes And Logs Them To A Fil
[ZIP]banrmakr.zip66,085Bannerific 1.0: Dos Banner Creation Utility.
[ZIP]bar.zip2,936Provides A Bar Graph Depicting Used And Available Space On A Hard Disk Or
[ZIP]barcode.zip13,312Barcode Generator: Create Your Own Barcodes! Requires A Decent Printer.
[ZIP]bartprmt.arj1,269Make Your Dos Prompt Look Like Bart Simpson.
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