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[HTML]00_index.htm33,227Index Of Files In This Directory
[ZIP]101nuser.zip13,643Wwnewuser 1.01 Wccode Application For Wildcat! 4.01
[ZIP]405data.zip11,576Renegade V04-05 Bbs Pascal Structures.
[ZIP]4pcboard.zip6,061Collection Of Superk & Jmodem Transfer Batch Files
[ZIP]4wildcat.zip12,074Collection Of Transfer Batch Files For Wildcat 4.x.
[ZIP]aadd121b.zip66,174Autoadd 1.21b: Allfix Bbs Util That Updates File Areas.
[ZIP]activ150.zip42,606Activity 1.50 For Renegade Bbs Software: Bbs Activity Bulletin Generator Fr
[ZIP]ad2zip11.zip29,476Add2zip 1.1 And Add2arj 1.1: Adds A Specified File To All .zip/.arj Archive
[ZIP]adds521.zip32,915Author-direct Submission Package 5.21: Info Submission Package For Submitti
[ZIP]aeam100.zip13,064Aeam 1.0: Wwiv Bbs Utility That Colorizes The Automessage. Adds Color To
[ZIP]af2_101.zip1,168,713Allfix/2 For Os/2 Warp: Bbs Utility V1.01
[ZIP]afix432e.zip701,767Allfix 4.32 Evaluation Version: Fileecho Utility Featuring Full Support For
[ZIP]allexe21.zip125,163All2exe 2.1a: Allfiles List To *.exe Utility. Bugfix For All2exe V2.0c! Maj
[ZIP]allfl-16.zip57,101All Files Lister 1.6 For Wildcat! 4.01: Easy, Automated Allfiles Generator!
[ZIP]altr100a.zip182,782Altair 1.00a: 32-bit Fidonet Compatable Mail Tosser For Windows Nt And Wind
[ZIP]am_net11.zip10,479Am_net Qwk Echo Mail Network Info/app 1.1 Supports 28.8k V.fc. "america's L
[ZIP]amdos41.zip49,713Am-dos 4.01 For Wildcat 4.01: Permits Remote Access To Systems' Hard Drive
[ZIP]amo202b.zip161,144Alexi/mail 2.02b Tosser/scanner For Os/2 2.x. Enables Any Bbs Using *.msg,
[ZIP]amtrx_12.zip24,702Matrix Login 1.2 For Syncronet 2.2+ Bbs: The Best Matrix Login System: Syso
[ZIP]amu30g_d.zip592,627Automated Maintenance Utility 3.00 Gamma (dos & Dpmi Versions) Performs A W
[ZIP]anti142.zip79,167Antiad 1.42 Bbs Ad Removal Utility
[ZIP]assnet.zip72,003Assnet (american Sysop Society) Application For Wwiv Systems. March 1997 Up
[ZIP]assocapp.zip19,563Asp Associate Member Application Kit Asp Associate Membership Application
[ZIP]auqst154.zip13,484Auquest 1.54: Automatic User Questionaire For Proboard Bbs Software. Will A
[ZIP]automsg2.zip20,075Automsg 0.001 Beta [huge Bug Fix!] The Automessage Poster That Will Blow Th
[ZIP]autos121.zip168,100Autosend 1.21: Wwiv Net Sub Host Utility That Sends Old Posts To New
[ZIP]aview65b.zip72,170Aviewcom 6.5b: Allows Bbsers To View Archive Contents While Online, Read As
[ZIP]banker22.zip3,702Time Banker 2.2 For Wildcat 4.01: Wccode App That Allows Users To Save Some
[ZIP]bbsapp.zip30,494Application Package For Bbs Membership In Association Of Shareware
[ZIP]bbsfaq.zip130,296The Official Bbs Faq!
[ZIP]bbsinet1.zip263,577Faq About Connecting Your Bbs To The Internet. Source Lists, Technical Info
[ZIP]bbsinf16.zip15,330Bbsinfo 1.6 For Renegade Bbs: Bulletin Generator That Makes Great Looking
[ZIP]bbslaw2.zip574,779Bbs Legal Guide 2.0: All New Hypertext Program Providing Legal Guidance For
[ZIP]bday122.zip68,709Birthday 1.22: Wwiv Birthday List Generator Generates User & Celebrity Birt
[ZIP]bday150.zip12,974Birthday 1.50 For Renegade Bbs Software: User Birthday Bulletin Generator F
[???]bee0327.exe1,533,365Beemail Message Tosser For Bbs Softwares.
[ZIP]bestbye.zip34,229Goodbye After Transfer Utility For Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10: Since The Default I
[ZIP]bestcall.zip202,625Callback Verifier For Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10 Checks For Duplicate Users! Provi
[ZIP]bestpage.zip41,601Sysop Page Module For Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10 Plays Different Songs So You Know
[ZIP]bestwall.zip50,978Logon Wall 1.7 For Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10+ Best 'bad Language' Filter Or Your
[ZIP]bexe_250.zip168,780Binkleyterm 2.50: A Bbs Frontdoor/mail Tosser For Handling Mail Networking.
[ZIP]bh101b07.zip75,849Blackhole 1.00: Ftsc Inter-domain Echomail Gating Utility For Ftn Networks
[ZIP]birth101.zip10,736Birthday 1.01 For Renegade Bbs: Birthday Bulletin Generator That Is Command
[ZIP]birthd10.zip38,617Birthday Greeter 1.0 Birthday Greeter Will Run On Any Bbs Software That Cre
[ZIP]bnp_v762.arj134,982Black-hole Netmail Masher/packer 6.72 For Use With Binkleyterm Netmail
[ZIP]bnu170.zip74,398Bnu 1.70 Serial Port Fossil Driver. Dos Based. Pretty Fast.
[ZIP]bnuhelp.zip2,688Text File For Anyone That Uses The Bnu Fossil Driver And Has Non-standard C
[ZIP]bssdunge.zip23,076Bbs Dungeon For Wc 4.1: Wccode Mod For Wcat.
[ZIP]budoff.zip3,657Budoff For Synchronet 2.2+ Bbs Software: Simple Logoff Module That Allows U
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