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[HTML]00_index.htm11,816Index Of Files In This Directory
[ZIP]430systx.zip43,398Wwiv 4.30 Beta Sysop Documentation
[ZIP]65_aux.zip587,802Citadel+ Bbs V.065. Dos Based Bbs.
[ZIP]cel202r.zip1,395,083Celerity Bbs 2.02 Final Release: Full Feature Multinode Electronic Bulletin
[ZIP]col64737.zip727,804Commodore 64 Color Bbs V7.37 - Very Old Commodore Bbs Software
[ZIP]cono004c.zip950,213Concord Bbs O.o1 Gamma-4 Os/2 Only Version.
[ZIP]conp004c.zip755,880Concord Bbs O.o1 Gamma-4 Protected-mode Dos And Windows Advanced Version.
[ZIP]conr004c.zip976,672Concord Bbs O.o1 Gamma-4 Basic Dos Version.
[ZIP]dlx70bbs.zip491,965Dlx 7.0 Multi-line Bbs Software: Recently Released Into The Public Domain,
[ZIP]ehw100.zip236,643Executive Host For Telix For Windows 1.0: Host Mode Full Featured Bbs Scrip
[ZIP]elebbs-1.zip718,817Elebbs V0.05.g1 Dos Version: Internet Bbs Software
[ZIP]elebbs-2.zip1,808,425Elebbs V0.05.g1 Win32 (gui) Version: Internet Bbs Software
[ZIP]elebbs-3.zip1,467,894Elebbs V0.05.g1 Win32 (text Mode) Version: Internet Bbs Softw
[ZIP]elebbs-4.zip1,303,311Elebbs V0.05.g1 Os/2 Version: Internet Bbs Software
[ZIP]ezy110_1.zip763,690Ezycom 1.10 Full Release [part 1 Of 2]: Fully Featured Electronic Multi-nod
[ZIP]ezy110_2.zip948,434Ezycom 1.10 Full Release [part 2 Of 2]
[ZIP]fal702.zip782,043Falken Bbs 7.02: Full Featured Multiline Bbs Software [10-6-94].
[ZIP]fcwin.zip872,661First Class Client Bbs 1.03 For Windows.
[ZIP]fnp101a.zip186,726Feathernet Pro 1.01 Test Drive [part 1/4] One Of The Most Powerful Full
[ZIP]fnp101b.zip335,759Feathernet Pro 1.01 Test Drive [part 2/4]
[ZIP]fnp101c.zip144,513Feathernet Pro 1.01 Test Drive [part 3/4]
[ZIP]fnp101d.zip349,390Feathernet Pro 1.01 Test Drive [part 4/4]
[ZIP]foss10b3.zip261,321Foss/2 1.0 Beta 3: Bbs Package For Os/2
[ZIP]fs_st310.zip109,669Free Speech 3.10 Bbs Software With A Twist. An Utterly Different Type Of Bb
[ZIP]gapeval.zip1,010,432Gap Bbs V6.5: Dos Bbs, Evaluation Version.
[ZIP]ghost110.zip66,924Ghost Bbs 1.10 - Freeware! A Mini-bbs For All Procomm Plus For Windows User
[???]gv21-1.lzh330,223Grapevine Bbs 0.21 Beta [part 1 Of 4]: This Bbs Software Is A Multinode
[???]gv21-2.lzh294,868Grapevine Bbs 0.21 Beta [part 2 Of 4]
[???]gv21-3.lzh133,828Grapevine Bbs 0.21 Beta [part 3 Of 4]
[???]gvdk21.lzh22,954Grapevine Bbs 0.21 Beta: Developers Kit. [part 4 Of 4]
[ZIP]hm11c.zip733,774Harmony Bbs 1.1c: Freeware Easy To Setup Bbs Package That Uses Door.sys For
[ZIP]il203.zip661,533Illusion Bbs V2.03: Dos Bbs Software
[ZIP]iq20.zip1,124,710Iniquity 2.0 Dos Bbs Software
[ZIP]jetbbs30.zip328,705Jetbbs 3.0a: Flexible And Easy To Install Multinode Bbs Software Packed Wit
[ZIP]kbbs20y1.zip226,169Kbbs 2.00y [part 1 Of 4]: Powerful And Customizable Bbs Software. Note: Thi
[ZIP]kbbs20y2.zip305,597Kbbs 2.00y [part 2 Of 4] Now Has A Much Improved Files Section, Much Faster
[ZIP]kbbs20y3.zip298,691Kbbs 2.00y [part 3 Of 4]: You Define What You Want On The Call Waiting Stat
[ZIP]kbbs20y4.zip301,727Kbbs 2.00y [part 4 Of 4]: Registration Is Only $129 For All Versions 2.xx F
[ZIP]kbbs2z17.zip823,305Kbbs 2.00z.17 Upgrade Patch For 2.00y Or Later. Improved Fidonet Support, T
[ZIP]kbbs_40.zip341,438Kissware Bbs 4.0: Easy Install, Operate, Runs On Most Computers. Not The Sa
[ZIP]max301c.zip1,647,879Maximus 3.01 Dos Bbs Software
[ZIP]mbbs11.zip70,682Macrobbs 1.1 For Commo 5.1 Communications Program. This Is A Bbs Software M
[ZIP]mbbs_105.zip376,649Mystic Bbs 1.05 - Full Install: Dos, Os/2, Win32 Bbs Soft
[ZIP]mbbstd_1.zip30,946Major/galacticom 6.12 Bbs Software Test Drive Demo [part 1 Of 3]. Wonderful
[ZIP]mbbstd_2.zip826,498Major/galacticom 6.12 Bbs Software Test Drive Demo [part 2 Of 3]
[ZIP]mbbstd_3.zip1,009,612Major/galacticom 6.12 Bbs Software Test Drive Demo [part 3 Of 3]
[ZIP]mcbbs5d.zip648,662Mcbbs V5.5: Dos Bbs Software
[ZIP]mindwire.zip352,810Mindwire 2.10: Winnt Bbs Softw. Req: Internet Connection.
[ZIP]mksrc001.zip370,997Mythical Kingdom Bbs: Pascal Source Code. Dos Based.
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