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[TXT]00index.txt11,949Descriptions Of Most Files In This Dir
[ZIP]2002103d.zip280,074Patch To Upgrade Tw2002 V1.03 To V1.03d
[ZIP]2002hlp2.zip20,702Tradewars Cim Report Generator
[???]2002v103.exe530,114Tradewars 2002 V1.03 - Stable Version, Great Game!
[ZIP]2002v2b8.zip616,676Tradewars 2002 V2b8 - Wide Beta 8 - Great Game
[ZIP]borg102.zip65,536A Funky Util.. Puts The Borg In Trade Wars
[ZIP]commo55.zip44,544Commo 5.5 - Excellent Comm Program
[ZIP]compupgr.zip20,100The Computer Upgrade (twview Cutpoint Analysis) Of 8/12/93
[ZIP]crystl10.zip37,610Add The Crystalline Entity To Tw2002
[ZIP]dedit101.zip59,746David Proper's Demon Editor
[ZIP]fedfite1.zip32,777Add Randomly Placed Fed Fighters To Your Universe
[ZIP]ferr_101.zip40,868Ferrengi V1.01 - Gives New Abilities To Ferrengi
[ZIP]getcim2.zip17,158Utility To Collect Cim Reports
[ZIP]guruibm1.zip262,333Tradewars Guru - Archive Of Database Scripts
[ZIP]hal2002.arj45,689Develops Data Base For Game; Optimized For Printers
[ZIP]hooman!2.zip31,905Create Most Ferocious Ferrengi For Your Universe
[ZIP]humthief.zip3,070Qmodem Script For Steal/sell Sequence
[ZIP]iagowm11.zip99,592Iago's War Manual V1.1 (for V1.03)
[ZIP]imptc.arj42,842Modified Ship, Imperial Patrol Craft
[ZIP]instmap.zip14,245Map The Universe In One Day Using Cim
[ZIP]kalwrk27.zip60,606Kalworks - Extention Kit To Add Kal Durak Stuff
[ZIP]lcim10.zip51,912Tw Sysop Utility - Collect Cim Data While Local
[ZIP]ldt105a.zip44,586Level Diagram Tools V1.05a
[ZIP]mafia.zip31,455Upgrade Of Mafia Add On To Tw2002
[ZIP]mallpics.zip527Ansi Graphics For Twmall V3.0
[ZIP]market.zip29,194Upgrade To Twmarket V1.5
[ZIP]meteor.zip45,979Meteor Shower V1.00 By David Proper
[ZIP]names100.zip40,692Sysop Util To Easily Change Port And Nebula Names
[ZIP]overseer.arj22,812Sysop Configurable Bug Use Check And Penalizer
[ZIP]pmdlprot.zip8,554Add Protocols To Power Macros
[ZIP]portdef1.zip31,199Add Defensive Fighters To Random Ports In Universe
[ZIP]pro070b.arj188,000Another Help Utility
[ZIP]pwrmc30s.zip52,722Powermacros V3.0 -tw Comm Program For Commo 5.5
[ZIP]q101.zip57,980Adds The Creature "q" To Tw
[ZIP]rmsg1.zip66,433Sends Random Messages To Traders
[ZIP]roamsd.zip29,839Makes The Stardock Roam The Galaxy
[ZIP]roguef10.zip29,247"sprinkes" Random Amounts Of Rogue Fighters In Galaxy
[ZIP]romulan2.zip10,146Creates A Romulan For Your Tw Universe
[ZIP]rumulan2.zip10,146Add Rumulans To You Tw Game
[ZIP]salary.zip33,005Federation Salary V1.00 By David Proper
[ZIP]scruiser.arj2,768Modified Ship For Tw, Rigellian Cruiser
[ZIP]sdb111.zip73,224Upgrade Of Stardock Beta, Second Sd For Tw
[ZIP]sedit2.zip98,411Ship Editor Version 2
[ZIP]shipedit.arj20,009Tw Ship Editor Prorgam (for Sysops)
[ZIP]ships102.arj5,432Suite Of Modified Ships For Tw
[ZIP]slice-10.zip44,516A War Manual For The Beta Games -- Bugs, Tactics, Specs
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