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[ZIP]$dblast.zip335,232Drum Blaster - Sound Effects Program
[MP3]10kman-1.wav103,6809 Sec Wav From The 10,000 Maniacs Song "these Are Days"
[MP3]3cheeks.wav38,642Monty Python Wav....
[MP3]911.wav33,664Simpsons Sound
[MP3]alert.wav58,936A Female Voice Alert! Alert!
[???]alf.mod105,216The Begining Of Alf In Mod Format
[MP3]alive.wav52,294Frankenstien Wav Need I Say More?
[MP3]all2easy.wav21,128Darth Vader: "all To Easy."
[ZIP]altern8.zip148,480Some Alternitive .mod File
[MP3]amailman.wav52,588A Mail Man Notifying Your Mail Is Hear
[MP3]amazing.wav41,650Goerge From Seinfeild
[ZIP]aniwav.zip184,899Animal Wav Files
[ZIP]anvil1.zip149,921The Anvil Song. When Their On Blarneys Show.
[MP3]ateam.wav747,733The Whole Damn Theme Song From The A-team!
[???]axel_f.mid25,301Music From Beverly Hills Cop
[???]bad.mid27,054Michael Jackson's Bad
[???]batman.mid17,412What Do You Think? Its Batman Music.
[MP3]bbfries.wav55,296.wav File Of Beavis & Butthead In Fast Food Place, Kewl.
[MP3]beavis.wav253,026The Opening From Beavis & Butthead, Including Disclaimer
[ZIP]beavis1.zip46,413Some Beavis & Butthead Wav's.
[ZIP]beavis2.zip55,380More Beavis & Butthead Wav's.
[ZIP]beavis3.zip46,370Another Wav Of The Morons.
[MP3]bigburp.wav14,592A Giant Belch!
[ZIP]bird2.zip17,953Bird Wav File
[???]birdhous.mid38,191Birdhouse In Your Soul - They Might Be Giants Midi
[ZIP]birdwhs.zip85,023Bird Wav File
[MP3]box.wav36,096.wav File From Monty Python.
[ZIP]brain.zip251,228Pinky & Brain Doing Their Usual Thing.
[MP3]brakjedi.wav207,104Brak Saying He's A Jedi But His Mom Took Away His Lightsab
[ZIP]brdsqu.zip18,359Bird Wav File
[MP3]butthead.wav135,632The Opening From Beavis And Butthead, Without Disclaimer
[MP3]bwbw-str.wav49,078"the World Is A Vampire..."
[???]cantina2.mid51,569Music From Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina.
[???]cheers.mid7,446Theme To The Show "cheers"
[MP3]coldass.wav282,080Another Unreleased Beck
[ZIP]cow.zip27,095Cow Wav File
[ZIP]cranber.zip1,129,722Wave Files Of The Cranberries...
[ZIP]crickets.zip307,014Really Great Crickets Wav File
[MP3]crow1.wav82,344Line From The Movie "the Crow"
[MP3]crow2.wav38,454Line From The Movie "the Crow"
[MP3]darkside.wav47,830Darth Vadet Quote..
[MP3]dfgardns.wav54,212Homer: "duff... Gardens.. Hu-rah!!!!!"
[ZIP]dn3d.zip881,920Duke Nukem 3d Music (mid)
[???]ds9.mid2,990Theme From Deep Space Nine
[MP3]eek.wav486,127The Theme Song From 'eek! The Cat'
[???]elysium.mod130,048Cool Mod!
[???]empire66.mid87,154Ending Credits From Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
[MP3]evilhmer.wav96,182'i Am Evil Homer, I Am Evil Homer....'
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