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[???]32cftp18.exe495,252Cuteftp - Great Windows 95 Ftp App
[HTML]aol.htm5,500About Aol And How It Sucks
[???]cb32e402.exe8,591,271Netscape Communicator V4.01 - Must Get; Best Web Browser
[ZIP]counter.zip12,717Web Page Counter.. Cgi?
[???]cute2032.exe843,619Cuteftp V2.0 - Windows 95 - Excellent Ftp Client
[ZIP]dsz0529.zip92,607Dsz - Zmodem Transfer Protocol
[ZIP]ewan.zip252,802Ewan: 16-bit, Windows 3.1 Telnet App (use W/winsock)
[???]excaltrm.exe1,433,796Excaliber Client, A Terminal For Calling Excalibur Bbss
[ZIP]fly-1_5_2.zip91,045Fly-1 5 2
[???]g16e301p.exe1,053,696Netscape Gold 3.01 Plus Components
[???]hs2setup.exe1,166,704Homesite Version 2 For Win95. Html Editor. Good One Too.
[ZIP]ivc11.zip107,613Internet Voice Chat - Requires Vbrun300&winsock2.0
[ZIP]juno.zip1,374,474Juno, A Free Internet E-mail Service
[ZIP]knots1_0.zip97,669Html Browser: Dos Based
[ZIP]mapedit.zip119,888Great Image Map Maker For Www
[ZIP]mirc392.zip553,187Mirc.. The Best Irc Client Around
[ZIP]mirc40.zip570,146Mirc - Irc Chat Program For Windows 3.1|both16&32bit
[ZIP]modemd60.zip155,187A Helpful Terminal Support Program For The Modem
[???]mush.lis4,802A Short Text List Of Internet Mushes
[???]n16e122.exe1,665,780Netscape V1.22 - The Best Web Browser Around. Cool
[???]n32e301.exe3,632,640Netscape V3.01 For Windows 95 (32-bit)
[ZIP]nets201.zip2,507,571Netscape Navigator V2.01 - Best Web Browser Around
[ZIP]pantherc.zip368,375Free Comm Package Very Good
[???]qm46td-2.exe386,608Qmodem Disk 2of 2
[???]qmd46-1.exe385,607Qmodem Disk 1 Of 2
[ZIP]qmodem.zip649,465You Know What This 'qmodem Comm Progam' Its Cool
[ZIP]qwkread.zip348,642A .qwk Mail/message Offline Packet Reader!
[???]riptm154.exe604,719Ripterm - The Freeware Ripscript Terminal! Self-ext
[???]rp32_50.exe1,420,535Realplayer V5! - Plays Realaudio/video/flash
[???]rt22001.exe2,005,824Ripterm V. 2.20!!!
[ZIP]search.zip5,921Search Engine Example For We
[HTML]secret_t.htm7,814About Aol And How It Sucks
[ZIP]term400.zip8,192Terminate V4.00 Awesome Communications Program!
[ZIP]tlx320-1.zip172,414Telix - A Terminal Program That Is Cool
[???]trmptel.exe70,656Trumpet Telnet - Web Browser Telnet Application-a Musthave
[ZIP]twsk20b.zip179,015Tumpet Winsock V2.0b - Use For Slip, Ppp, Tcp-ip
[TXT]webguide.txt1,624Some Urls To Get You Started On The Web.
[HTML]webmaste.htm2,854About Aol And How It Sucks
[ZIP]webpin.zip87,808A Really Cool Html Editor
[ZIP]whois32.zip24,656A Whois/finger App For Windows
[???]winnuke.exe192,514Nuke People Online Internet
[ZIP]wwwboard.zip20,419Wwwboard Script is a personal website. Opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer or any groups I am affiliated with.
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