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[TXT]10emp.txt640Top Ten Things To Do On Top Of The Empire S. Bldg.
[TXT]18ways.txt1,48818 Ways To Be An *&%hole
[ZIP]18ways.zip1,53218 Ways To Be An &*%hole
[ZIP]1912.zip81,366Fake Dos Plus Others.
[???]ambience.exe511,292Trip To This Demo, It Kicks Ass!
[???]bad10.jok27,336Some Bad Jokes
[???]bad12.jok31,728Some More Bad Jokes
[???]bad13.jok36,422Even More Bad Jokes
[ZIP]barfood.zip4,166Cheap Food But Dont Ask Me Why
[???]barndemo.exe7,328A Barney Joke Program.
[ZIP]barsan.zip6,395Proff Barney Is Satan
[ZIP]bbscomma.zip2,176Do You Have What It Takes To Run A Bbs?
[TXT]bigmoney.txt6,914How To Lose Big Bucks With A Pyramid Scheme
[TXT]bigmony.txt9,364How To Lose Even More Money!!!
[TXT]blonde38.txt22,487Some Blond Jokes
[ZIP]btrfly.zip22,543A Cool Screen Saver Of Butterflies!
[TXT]cavemsg.txt531Cave Stories Needed For 5th Anniversary - November, 1997
[TXT]cavetxt.txt509The Official Cave Text Logo
[ZIP]centurie.zip148,547All Of Nostradamus's Quatrains (prophicies)
[ZIP]civ.zip1,942,211Civilization - The Ultimate Strategy Game
[TXT]coinslot.txt14,699A Cool Thing That Tells You How To Get Free Credits\arcade
[???]corrupt.exe20,572A Kewl Little Purity Test For Windows
[ZIP]cpuicon.zip132,324Computer Icons
[ZIP]d2_19pat.zip434,005Doom V1.7a V1.9
[ZIP]deadmeat.zip13,774A Program That Will Tell You When You'll Die.
[ZIP]doom2p16.zip118,016Doom V1.666 To V1.7a
[TXT]dream.txt4,402A Cool Story Of Some Dream.
[HTML]fas.htm32,814False Authority Sydrome" And Computer Virii - A Must Read
[???]fire.bas156A Little Qbasic Program I Made, Fire"
[ZIP]fp-224c.zip779,291F-prot Version 2.24 (september, 1996)"
[ZIP]gameicon.zip175,574A Large Pack Of Game Icons For Windows
[ZIP]garfy.zip40,689A Garfield Clock
[TXT]hacker.txt148,217A Text File About Hackers, Etc.
[???]hackhndb.zi3,072The Hacker's Handbook. For Informational Purposes Only...
[ZIP]hackhndb.zip3,072The Hacker Handbook. For Informational Purposes Only...:)
[ZIP]hellra_1.zip224,384Hellra 1
[???]hrfback.ans6,560A Cool Brick Ansi
[ZIP]iedge.zip59,327Investigative Edge.. Mufon Investigating Tips.
[ZIP]inspace.zip1,344,452Inner Space - Cool-ass Win95 Game For Nuke
[TXT]jimmys.txt1,878A Really Cool Story About Jimmy That I Wrote
[???]jive.exe25,777Text "filter" Converts Text Into "ebonics"
[ZIP]moslo.zip13,894Moslo. Slow Down Those Pesky Dos Programs!
[ZIP]newrip.zip604,800New Rip
[ZIP]orig15.zip400,068Changes Doom Ii To Wolf3d - Use This Exe Instead
[ZIP]original.zip2,887,464Changes Doom Ii To Wolf3d
[???]pbtend.exe90,533Computer Bartender - Tells You How To Make Drinks
[TXT]popes.txt8,409A List Of All The Popes That Will Ever Be
[TXT]prank.txt173,948A *ton* Of Kewl Pranks In .txt Format Try At Your Own Risk
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