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[ZIP]!unforg!.zip540,930Explore A Dungeon And Kill Stuff. Wierd Rpg
[ZIP]#1bio.zip627,987Biohazard By Apogee ( I Think).; Alot Like Duke Nukem
[ZIP]#1bs30.zip1,505,902Blake Stone 3d, Wolf3d Like Game
[ZIP]#1duke.zip268,145Duke Nukem V1.0 - The First - A Classic!
[ZIP]#1gtix.zip536,983Galactix. By Apogee, I Think. Funky Spaceship Game
[ZIP]#1jman.zip103,936Jumpman Lives By Apogee
[ZIP]#1keen.zip196,245Commander Keen 1
[ZIP]#1kroz.zip73,728Kingdom Of Kroz By Apogee.. Cheap As Shit - Copies Zzt
[ZIP]#4duke.zip1,152,447Duke Nukem Ii, It's Cool
[ZIP]$jill2.zip235,078Jill Of The Jungle 2
[ZIP]$solar.zip567,296Good Epic Shareware. Fly Your Ship Around A Kill Stuff.
[ZIP]$xargon.zip560,271Epic Jill-like Game.
[ZIP]3dchess.zip103,652A Cool Game Of Semi-3d Chess For Michael
[ZIP]3dduke-a.zip1,098,953Duke Nukem 3d. Newest 1st Person View Game From Apogge
[ZIP]3dduke-b.zip1,459,457Duke Nukem 3d. 2nd Part Neads A, C, D.
[ZIP]3dduke-c.zip1,459,233Duke Nukem 3d. Needs A, B, D
[ZIP]3dduke-d.zip1,456,356Duke Nukem 3d. Needs A, B, C.
[ZIP]3dpool.zip117,760A Pretty Cool 3d Pool Game
[ZIP]94pool63.zip644,193A Very Cool Pool Game!!!!
[ZIP]ackack.zip115,668Ackack, Game Kinda Like Missle Command.
[ZIP]admiral.zip147,710Battle Ship Of Course
[ZIP]aldo3.zip28,834Aldo's Adv 3
[ZIP]aldo_adv.zip26,686Also's Adv 1 Like Mb And Dk
[ZIP]alone.zip1,215,841Alone In The Dark Demo, Cool Graphics, Very Creepy
[ZIP]arkanoid.zip235,340Supposedly The Real Arkanoid!
[ZIP]astro.zip315,864The Ultimate Astroids Clone.
[ZIP]astro256.zip315,441A Classic Arcade Shoot Em Up Game.
[ZIP]bananoid.zip43,590Bananoid - Like Arkanoid - Mouse Only
[ZIP]baron.zip1,661,952The Red Baron - World War Ii Flying/fighting Simulation
[ZIP]bassclas.zip184,059A Not Bad Fishing Simulator
[ZIP]bblast10.zip95,907Blow Up All The Pink Bunnies As They Come Over The Hill.
[ZIP]begin.zip122,880A Cool Text Star Trek Battle Simulation
[ZIP]body.zip1,786,777Operation Body Count - Yet Another Crappy Wolf3d Clonedemo
[ZIP]boloball.zip171,114Boloball - Cool Puzzle-like Game
[ZIP]bones37.zip92,928Bones - Interesting Semi-rpg Text (dos) Game
[ZIP]boppin.zip1,308,974A Cool Puzzle Game From Apogee
[ZIP]bouncez.zip48,384Here It Is Pong Lovers: 3d Pong (mouse & Cpu Opponent)
[ZIP]boxing.zip545,106The Best Boxing Game In The World!!!!!!!!!!!
[ZIP]brix.zip289,068Tetris Like Game.
[ZIP]brkfre1a.zip402,188Breakfree - 3d First Person Breakout - Cool
[ZIP]bubba.zip223,916Red-neck Style Parady Of Microsoft Bob
[ZIP]cannon.zip1,344,571Cannon Fodder - Awesome Overhead Army Game
[ZIP]capt_com.zip112,529Captain Comic - Cool - Kinda Like Smb1
[ZIP]capture.zip262,144A Wierd Little Game.. Capture The Flag.
[ZIP]castlepc.zip50,742A Great Clone Of Star Castle On The Pc
[ZIP]cdman.zip254,778Cdman - Like Pacman - Vga - Cool
[ZIP]cdman1.zip178,209Cd Man.. A Pretty Cool Pac-man Game.
[ZIP]chster.zip94,860Chess Terminal.. Play Chess Odamodem
[ZIP]cloninv.zip78,375A Kind Of Space Invaders-type Game.
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