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[TXT]altered.txt1,521Altered Beast Cheats Txt For Genesis
[ZIP]apfaq24.zip35,471Apogee Faq 2.4
[ZIP]apfaq52.zip62,281Apogee Faq - All Cheats On All Apogee Games!
[???]barded.arc40,382A Character Editor For Bards Tale
[???]bards.wlk16,620A Bard's Tale Walkthrough
[???]bards1.arc30,080Another Character Editor For Bard's Tale
[ZIP]build.zip1,007,232A Map Builder For Duke Mukem 3d (reg)
[ZIP]cheat180.zip130,944Cheat Codes For Hundreds Of Dos Games
[TXT]cheats.txt8,923Cheats For Duke3d, Descent1+2, Doom1+2, Etc.
[ZIP]darkside.zip87,673Uge Module For Darkside Of Xeen
[ZIP]deep.zip882,551Deep, Doom Editor
[TXT]descent.txt888Descent Codes
[ZIP]dked20.zip226,916Duke Nukem 1 Level Editor
[ZIP]dm2chnst.zip8,396In Doom2, Make Your Shotgun As Fast As Your Chaingun!
[ZIP]doomen17.zip76,692A Program That Runs Doom2 With Flags And Stuff.
[???]duke3d.faq53,031A Short Duke Nukem 3d Fq
[TXT]duke3d.txt2,407Duke Nukem 3d Cheat Codes, Some Only Work On V1.1
[TXT]dukecode.txt2,625The Duke Nukem 3d Cheat Codes.
[TXT]dukewalk.txt38,488Walkthrough Of Duke Nukem 3d
[ZIP]ed-map.zip453,248A Map Editor For Doom, Doom2, Heretic, And Hexxen
[ZIP]full.zip16,429Full Throttle Walk Through.
[???]heretic.crd276Heretic Codes
[ZIP]ifrg20zd.zip137,268Use This To Play Doom&doom2 Over Internet.
[ZIP]maped84.zip326,149Mapedit V8.4 - For Registered W3d, Blakestone, Etc.
[ZIP]mapedit.zip68,224Wolfenstein 3d Map Editor! Awesome
[???]mk2.wri2,560Most Of The Fatalities For The Cool People
[ZIP]mk2pcf.zip9,631Mortal Kombat 2 Faq
[ZIP]mystfin.zip26,528A Myst Walkthru!
[ZIP]nbajam.zip15,039All The Codes For Nba Jam!!
[ZIP]nev_95.zip289,059The Best Code Cracker From Those Weird Punk Decoders.
[ZIP]nvrlock.zip162,116Neverlock - Takes Copy Protection Off Of A Bunch Of Games!
[ZIP]omfed.zip28,972A Really Cool One Must Fall Tournament Char Editor!!!
[ZIP]omfpho.zip75,554One Must Fall Photo Editor
[TXT]pscod#-s.txt31,713Sony Playstaion Chat Codes (a-s)
[TXT]pscods-z.txt9,515Sony Playstation Cheat Codes (t-z)
[ZIP]quarcrk.zip9,741Quarantine Game Copy Protection Crack
[???]rage.wri2,176Codes For Streets Of Rage Games For Sega
[ZIP]rotcheat.zip5,632Cheat Codes For Rott
[ZIP]rotspec1.zip12,672I Can't Remember If Its A Editor Or Map For Rott
[TXT]sandk.txt42,960Sonic And Knuckes Walkthrough
[ZIP]sierra.zip74,128A Bunch Of Cheats For Sierra Games!
[TXT]soniccde.txt5,660Sonic 1-2-3-sk Codes For Genesis
[TXT]tmetal.txt248Twisted Metal Cheat Codes For Playstation
[TXT]twist.txt461Twisted Metal More Cheat Codes For Playstation
[???]u6item.hlp17,559Ultima 6 Object #'s And Cheats
[???]u6objs.hlp27,513Ultima 6 Object #'s And Cheats?
[???]u6tele.hlp5,530Ultime 6 Tele Coords And Cheats
[ZIP]uge10.zip114,289Universal Game Editor
[TXT]vfmoves.txt11,317Virtua Fighter I Moves
[ZIP]w3dfaq46.zip46,877Wolfenstein 3d Faq
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